Will Microsoft Copilot AI be boosting your productivity

Will Microsoft Copilot AI  prove that not all additives are bad for us?

We think Artificial Intelligence (AI) is poised to play a crucial role in our daily digital and professional interactions, and we aren’t the only ones.

Recently, Amazon announced its investment in Anthropic, a move that will enhance the capabilities of Alexa and provide AI support for the Amazon online store and AWS Cloud platform (Amazon Web Services).

Earlier this year Bill Gates said that the businesses that grasp the opportunities presented by AI are the ones that will succeed in the next few years.

Microsoft is certainly doing their bit to fulfil the old bosses’ predictions as this “fall” that’s Autumn to us Brits Copilot will be made available as part of upgrades to Windows 11, their browser Edge and of course, M365.

We will be blogging regularly on the new AI capabilities and as a security focused organisation Tamite will of course be looking at the privacy  implications.

Microsoft poised to launch its AI assistant, Copilot, into its M365 suite (formerly known as Office 365). As a helpful and reliable AI-powered assistant, we will assist our clients in understanding the potential of AI in their organizations and guide them towards easily achievable benefits by showing them how to snatch some low-hanging fruit

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