Why its worth investing in computer backup and adopting best practices

Yes World Backup Day (March 31) is a thing and we have missed it!

Putting a little time and effort into a computer backup strategy and updating your Disaster Recovery policies is never time wasted.
For many firms, data backup plans are like insurance policies: They live in the hope they’ll never really need them, every pound and every hour invested is done reluctantly.
Any organization that finds its systems going offline for any length of time and its vital data rendered inaccessible will act as testament to the reality that good backups are vital and failure to backup and test may be fatal to the business.
Consider these sobering statistics from the US: 93 percent of companies that lost their data center for 10 days or more during a disaster filed for bankruptcy within one year of the disaster (National Archives & Records Administration); and of companies that suffer catastrophic data loss, 43 percent never reopen and 51 percent close within two years (University of Texas).
With those stats in mind, lets not wait for next years World Backup Day to review our processes.

The 3-2-1 Computer backup strategy

The classic computer backup strategy revolves around what is known as the 3:2:1 formula
Typically this means you should at a minimum; Have at least three independent copies of your data. Store the copies on two different types of media. Keep one backup copy offsite.
Backup shouldn’t purely be about being able to resurrect data in the event of a disaster, it is an opportunity to give users additional functionality such as the opportunity to roll documents back through previous versions by taking snapshots at frequent intervals.
So with this in mind we are currently working with our partners at Datto to provide our customers with solutions that bring real resilience and functionality to companies of all sizes.

Disasters come in all shapes and sizes, how will your computer backup and Disaster Recovery plan shape up?

How much confidence can you have in your computer backup strategy if you are unable to demonstrate its effectiveness before disaster strikes.

For most businesses checking the veracity of the backups, making sure they can be restored is an ongoing worry and one you can’t afford to avoid.

You don’t want to wait until you have a major hardware failure to find out if your existing backup solution is effective!

We have partnered with Datto as their solutions ALTO & SIRIS will give you complete confidence in your backups, as it comes with their unique screenshot verification process that positively demonstrates the successful ability to do a restore.

Because disasters come in all shapes and sizes, Datto have developed ALTO backup technologies specifically to give SME’s a viable Disaster Recovery (DR) option.

Talk to us at Tamite Secure IT about how a flexible DR plan can cover everything from major system failure, modern Ransomware and of course the more mundane flooding, fire or accessibility.

ALTO not only offers remarkably good backup functionality but also the ability to virtualise your infrastructure using Datto Cloud or locally on the SIRIS device, so now your down-time is effectively reduced to seconds.

datto ALTO computer backup          ALTO 
A business continuity solution that delivers enterprise-grade functionality
at a small business price.

Top Tip : Did you know that even Microsoft recommend you backup your Cloud Office 365, we provide a solution for this as well.

Top Tip : You should extend your backup & resilience strategy to include your full network and key devices in order to maintain access to your data, the Internet and your Cloud services.

Top Tip : Check that your backup policies are compliant and conform to regulation such as GDPR.

Call Richard to arrange a FREE Backup strategy review 0800 088 7201.

Use our online calculator to see the real cost to your business of extended down-time to your business.

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