what to do with DMARC reports

The requirement to implement DMARC on domains is going to cause lots of companies difficulties as only a fraction, less than 70%, are compliant, and once you set DMARC in place, you are faced with the necessity of dealing with the data, what to do with DMARC reports?

Do you know if your domains are DMARC compliant and what to do with DMARC reports?

Make no mistake, this is a good and necessary move, and as a result, Email security is about to get better with the rollout of stricter DMARC compliance by major email platforms such as Google and Yahoo, and supported by many corporations.

In summary, DMARC is a powerful tool that helps protect your domain from being spoofed (impersonated) by verifying the authenticity of email messages sent from your domain and preventing unauthorized access to your email accounts.

Without a strict and accurate reject policy, attackers can easily:

  • Spoof customer emails
  • Send convincing phishing messages using your domain
  • Steal data and credentials

what to do with dmarc check

An alarmingly high number of cyber breaches use spoofed domains to help them to trick their victims.

The reason for this update is simple – it is too easy for cybercriminals to impersonate legitimate domains and send us illegitimate emails that appear to be from legitimate businesses.

DMARC compliance provides us with additional proof that the emails we receive are legitimate and will prevent our brands from being hijacked to carry out phishing attacks on our customers and suppliers.

If you’re not sure whether you’re DMARC compliant, we can check for you. DMARC settings are designed to verify sender identity and prevent unauthorized emails from domains from being delivered.

Without a strict and accurate reject policy, attackers can easily spoof customer emails, send convincing phishing messages, and steal data and credentials.

Google and Microsoft will start blocking all non-DMARC emails on the 1st of February to clamp down on threats initially for high-volume email senders, but this is only the first phase, and they will extend the update to cover everyone in the near future.

“We have expertise in resolving email issues and also offer our customers a DMARC report management service.” Get your free DMARC compliance report.