Web Security Service


Web Security Service – Web filtering provides Internet Security by putting you in control of your employees browsing habits.

Web filtering puts you back in control of the way the web is used in your business. We tend to take access to the web for granted these days, our main worry is usually how quickly we can access it. Many businesses now see the web as central to the way they research and interact with suppliers and customers with everything from banking to lead generation utilising the web.

The web is of course a tremendous asset to your business however it does not come without down sides. Of course you have added acceptable Internet usage policies to your HR policy staff handbook and terms of employment agreements.

Web filtering gives you the tools to effectively manage employee use of the web and associated risks these risks which can roughly be broken down into three categories.

  1. Dangerous Stuff – Most malware infections and data breaches start with someone inadvertently importing a malicious file or application onto the network. Bad stuff is cunningly disguised as something you want or silently installs itself via the browser, sometimes without the user knowingly intervening.
  2.  Time wasting stuff – We know that not all time spent browsing the webs is productive, you will be surprised how peoples browsing habits change for the better when they know they are subject to monitoring.The ability to manage access to Social Media is a major feature, Social is now an accepted part of the marketing mix, web filtering allows you to manage the who what and when
  3. Illegal Stuff – With over 450 Million sites classified blocking the unsuitable stuff is just part of what can be done. It’s about putting you back in control and managing the scope of web content that can be viewed. Infected and unsavoury websites present a real threat to your business.




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