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Managing Web Usage

CensorNet USS Web Security is a cloud web filtering service designed to provide a consistent web access experience across multiple devices and networks – without proxying between the customer network or the endpoint and the cloud service. The easy-to-use yet powerful web dashboard provides a “single pane of glass” view to discover, analyse and control web activity across multiple networks and devices within the customer organisation. This follow-the-user philosophy ensures web access control passes seamlessly from desktop to laptop to mobile and therefore provides a consistent browsing experience for the end user and complete visibility and control to the organisation.

Using Censornet’s USS Web Security as part of the Unified Security Service that enables you to monitor and control Web, Email and Cloud Application use, and provide complete security for your organisation using one dashboard.  You can protect an increasingly mobile workforce, against the security risks resulting from increasing cyber-attacks, the rapid growth in cloud applications, and the emergence of Shadow IT.

USS is a comprehensive cyber security service that combines modules for the security, monitoring and control of web, email and cloud application across your network in one dashboard and logging service, meaning that common policies can be easily applied and incidents tracked across different media.

USS provides the security and control of an on premise or end point component with the flexibility and mobility of a cloud service.  It is the next generation in Email and Web security with Cloud Application Control giving you the power to extend web access policies to Bring Your Own Device initiatives and monitor and control Shadow IT.

 Safe Web access

Over 140 categories of web content covering billions of web pages, are constantly updated for accuracy and protection.

New URLs are classified in real time to ensure only acceptable content can be accessed.

Administrators can maintain their own URL categories that can be applied to create or override exceptions within the filter policies.

You can enforce safe search mode on popular search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing and You Tube and restrict use of applications like Google Apps to a corporate domain, thus preventing personal use of webmail.

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  • Cloud Dashboard – Centralised management and reporting dashboard
  • Cloud Gateway – Network based software appliance for enforcing local control e.g. BYOD
  • Cloud Link – Endpoint software for Windows & Mac devices which enforces web security policy off the network
  • Mobile Gateway – Proxy middleware for roaming smartphone and tablet devicesUniquely, the CensorNet USS Web platform uses a proxy-less approach which significantly reduces latency, preserves the user’s real IP address and maintains privacy by allowing the browser to maintain direct communication with the designated web server if the request is allowed. This results in a fast and unobtrusive experience which does not hinder productivity or cause frustration to end users.

Safe anywhere on any device

You can set internet access policies at group or individual user levels.  These policies are enforced even when users attempt to circumvent controls by using anonymising proxy sites.

Policies can be enforced, and protection from malware is in place, wherever your users access your network, whether from home or the office, on a PC or tablet or smartphone running the CensorNet agent, they are protected.

Fast and Unobtrusive

Uses a proxy-less approach which reduces latency and preserves the user’s real IP address, as well as preserving privacy by allowing the browser to maintain direct communication with the designated website, as long as that website is approved for access by that user. This enables mobile devices with GPS to be used to access cloud applications that use location information, without causing an identity theft false alarm, or error messages for mobile employees when they are remote from the IT team.

It gives a fast and unobtrusive experience that doesn’t hinder productivity or cause frustration, and extends to networks, roaming users, standalone computers, tablets and smartphones – providing complete visibility and control of who is using your network for what.

 Cloud Application Visibility

Detect cloud application usage and activity to reveal which applications are being used from your network. Drill down into application activity by individual user, device, URL and action.

You can track files as they are moved between web applications and shared via email, social media, file sharing or other cloud applications, and an individual’s activities across different devices.

It is easy to get a view of all the cloud applications being used over your network, authorised and unauthorised, who is using them and what for, even looking into the content of suspicious or risky activity.

Analytics across email, web and applications

You can easily apply consistent policies regardless of the means of communication and have complete visibility of who is doing what on your network with the ability to track data as it is moved between emails, web applications, social media and file sharing.  Setting up alerts for high risk activity.

Safe from Malware

The CensorNet services scan all emails and web traffic and blocks malware before it reaches your network.

Incorporating multiple layers of security such as on-line threat detection, reputation and heuristics across multiple platforms, CensorNet uses an effective combination of tools and approaches.

Deep HTTPS inspection allows SSL encrypted content to be scanned for malware.

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