what to do with dmarc reports

Valimail DMARC – what to do with DMARC reports

Implementing DMARC, SPF, and DKIM can improve email security, but you may be left wondering what to do with DMARC reports.

With Valimail, you can achieve DMARC enforcement quickly and painlessly.

Get free visibility into the services sending emails as you, take quick
action based on easy-to-do lists and automated workflows on the platform, and relax knowing our DMARC solution will notify you with any concerns.

Remember, you are either at full DMARC enforcement or you aren’t. There is no middle ground in keeping your domains protected.

A single DNS update is required to point your DMARC record to the Valimail Sender Identity Platform.

Valimail’s interactive interface displays email sending services by name, not IP address, so they’re easy to identify and manage. You then select the sending services you want to allow to send emails as your domain.

If you decide to add or remove a sending service or change a vendor, simply click the drop-down menu and make the change. We can even help you find the legitimate owners of the services that we discover.


We provide two levels of service.

  1. We provide access to the tools and provide training to implement and manage DMARC within your team.
  2. “We monitor your domains and provide advice and assistance to remediate any issues that arise.”

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The answer to what to do with DMARC reports is work smarter with automation

what to do with dmarc reports
Valimail’s system automatically identifies all third-party email senders, turning inscrutable IP addresses into easily recognizable, human-friendly names that you can authorize or deauthorize with a single click.

It helps marketing and IT departments avoid the time-consuming, error-prone process of identifying dynamically changing IPs of cloud apps and performing risky DNS changes.

Once Valimail has been introduced, companies can authorize legitimate senders or remove email privileges from a sender with a
few clicks, while also ending impersonation attacks.

Our automated Instant SPF and sender identification technology removes the pain, risk, and complexity of DMARC enforcement.

Our global systems monitor and authenticate senders of every single email in real time, and we handle billions of messages every month.

dmarc monitor

The system lets businesses automatically control what senders are authentic, guaranteeing only legitimate email is delivered from the company and the third-party senders it specifically authorizes.

This gives organizations the data and the confidence they need to move from DMARC in monitoring mode to enforcement mode, shutting down unauthorized senders without the fear of causing outages or blocking legitimate email

Business Email compromise is a significant factor in fraud. Accounting for around 60% of all reported cases, see our blog for more information.

Valimail—the path to DMARC enforcement

The journey to DMARC enforcement no longer has to be long or difficult. Valimail’s modern architecture and patented technologies will identify 99% of all cloud-sending services, overcome SPF and DKIM limitations, and eliminate the endless tedious cycle of DNS updates. Valimail reimagines your journey to DMARC enforcement by combining advanced sending service intelligence, guided workflows and contextual analytics—all in one simple platform.

For more information, see the NCSC’s in-depth explanation of the new DMARC rules

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