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Introducing the Trillion leaked password database and research tools.

Trillion’s leaked password database and algorithms provide an unrivalled ability to detect data breaches and give you a vital early warning of a potential data leak in your organisation.

Because the experiences at Holiday Inn recently highlight that breaches are constantly occurring and brought to light in the press, how do we keep up with the ones that specifically affect us and take remediating action?

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Don’t imagine that it is just high-profile groups that are the target of cyber-breaches; it is just as likely to be Accountants, Book Keepers, IFA or even someone in your business.
Training your users to spot these threats is essential, as is our ability to quickly identify leaked credentials and notify our customers if they appear on the Dark Web.

Trillion allows businesses of all sizes to detect a data breach early and set their Data Breach Strategy in motion.

Hopefully, you will never have to deal with a breach, but as my grandmother told me, forewarned is fore-armed.

  • Password leak warnings
  • Complete sensitive data management
  • High-risk account prioritisation
  • Automated account verification
  • Employee incident reporting
  • Daily emailed threat summary
  • Interactive employee portal
  • Continuous monitoring
  • Analyst workflow

leaked password database

Trillions’ leaked password database research tools are designed for Customers who value their reputation.

Massive Scale

Trillion constantly monitors the billions of account credentials passing through dark markets and criminal forums, looking for the few hidden accounts that might affect your customers.

Intelligent Analysis

Trillion does a lot more than just locate stolen credentials. Our intelligent risk engines identify which leaked usernames and passwords have the most significant potential to result in corporate damage.

See What Matters

Without the right tools monitoring breached data can be exhausting. Trillion makes it easy to sort through it by providing data filters and automatic live account detection.

Crowd Co-Operation

Sometimes we all need a little help. Trillion lets your employees play their part in securing your customers by letting them help determine the validity of their leaked information and the potential impact it might have on your IT services.

Inbuilt Training

Get your analysts up to speed quickly and easily by following the inbuilt training videos included with Trillion.

Secure By Design

Managing business threats is perfectly balanced with protecting user customers’ privacy because security is at our heart. That makes us trusted by some of the world’s biggest brands.

How it works

The Trillion leaked password database and research tools will ensure your organisation can react to a data leak.

Trillion continuously monitors the channels most commonly used by cyber criminals looking for stolen data belonging to you.

Once found, we quickly notify you and start the remediation.

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