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Tamite Secure IT in the News November 2017

Tamite TTG GDPR article November 2017Helping you to prepare for GDPR is going to keep us all busy for the next year or so, Richard Bristow gives advice on how to go about it.

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Tamite Secure IT in the News June 2017

Tamite Secure IT TTG Article on GDPR June 2017
Tamite Secure IT TTG Article on GDPR June 2017

Prepare yourself for the new EU General Data Protection Regulation

The European Union Digital Single Market

Tamite Secure IT Digital Single Market - White Paper
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Windows 10 White Paper

Windows 10 – Your PC is ready for your free upgrade, are you?

You may or may not have noticed a funny little icon that has appeared in the task bar of your PC over the last few weeks, click on it and you will be informed by Microsoft that they are offering you Windows 10 the new incarnation of their ubiquitous operating system to existing users of the last two versions of Windows for free.

You may also have noticed that the message Microsoft are intent on conveying is that this is the operating system for the new generation of computer users, the Internet generation, users who not only use the Web for work, social networking and shopping, they now expect interaction to work both ways. Somewhat disconcertingly the other message they wish to convey is Windows 10 will be the final incarnation Windows.

Your pc is ready to be upgraded to windows 10
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Windows 10 White Paper

Tamite Secure IT in the news

Tamite Secure IT Sales Director Richard Bristow contributed this article to the TTG (Trade and Travel Gazette) in December 2014.

Discussing the threat posed by Cyber Crime to that industry, the problems described are pertinent to most industries

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Heartbleed – How SSL was crippled in a Heartbeat– Gary Johnston May 2014

Heartbleed – SSL Crippled in a Heartbeat.

Gary Johnston explains in a compelling and entertaining article the story behind Heartbleed, in lay-mans terms he relates without going in to reams of technical detail how Heartbeat came into being and the fallout that affects everyone who uses the Internet and in fact many other services and devices that we use every day. Although this article is over a year old the issue is still very much with us.


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