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Elderly & vulnerable targeted by Cyber Criminals

When a company suffers data loss, the biggest casualty are its customers.

Vulnerable and elderly people are being regularly targeted by fraudsters and unfortunately as a result of fraud scams many are finding their computer data being held to ransom or their life savings being plundered.

In the recent case of an elderly Talk Talk customer the caller claimed to be from Talk Talk, fraud scams a re unfortunately an every day occurrence we all receive the phone calls claiming to be from Microsoft, the Bank, financial advisors.

Sadly in this case pensioner was defrauded of £15,000 savings, having fallen for a fraud that happened as a direct result of the Talk Talk hack. This is just one example of how the elderly and vulnerable are put at risk each time a company or institution loses data.

GDPR. As of May 2018 it will be a requirement. Fraud scams are often targeted at the elderly.  GDPR will ensure data is securely held.

Phone & email fraud scams are often the result of Companies losing customer records

Every time data is leaked the potential consequences are dire, effectively individuals are having their personal details hawked on the dark web and fraudsters and scammers are being handed all the information they need to run a convincing fraud scam, the scammers are being furnished with vast quantities of data. Everything from names addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, banking details, user names and passwords, NI details even medical records

Companies and Institutions hold all sorts of data about individuals that in the wrong hands will result in their customers, innocent individuals suffering financial loss and inconvenience.

GDPR Will revolutionise the way we view the data held by Companies

General Data Protection Regulation is going to revolutionise the way companies hold your data, you wouldn’t trust your savings with a Bank that didn’t employ adequate security. GDPR will come into effect in May 2018 and will ensure companies employ strict safeguards on your data and give you the right to hold them to account.

Please share and forward this message on to your friends and the companies you deal with.

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