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Safely working from home tips #1

Safely working from home tips, thinking and planning beyond the Pandemic.

During the Pandemic we have been assisting many of our customers to get up and running from home, as a result we have put together some helpful guides and used them to create these Safely working from home tips.

Working from home has often been discussed within businesses but often has not been put into practice with any great enthusiasm. Companies and employees have been aware of the possibilities but in many cases skeptical of the idea of home working.

However the actual experience of home working much of which has come from necessity has changed perceptions.

According to a recent survey the majority UK office workers do not want to return to normal workplaces and hours as the reopening of the economy gathers pace.

The poll indicated that many staff who can work remotely are comfortable doing so, and almost two thirds claimed to be worried about virus risks on public transport.

The survey of 2,000 staff by Theta Financial Reporting, a chartered accountancy and consultancy firm, explored how the pandemic has hit employers hard and overhauled working practices.

While both sides may have been originally resistant to the concept, in practice both employees and businesses are realizing that Home Working correctly implemented  brings real benefits.

Working from home tips, some of the common solutions.

As a result of Lockdown and the Pandemic home working has become the new normal, initially it was a business necessity, although for many of us it has become our preferred way of working.

Of course how you go about Working from home will to an extent depend on your existing IT infrastructure.

I’m a great believer in the old adage that “out of adversity comes opportunity”, now might be a good time to grasp the opportunity to look at those systems to see if they fit the new model.

You might even stop ignoring those annoying Microsoft Teams pop ups and decide to find out what Teams is all about.

There are four obvious contenders apart from trying to get bye using your home PC and these are;

Working from home tips #1. Working from home tips - RDS

Remote access to your Desktop, remotely accessing your work desktop can be relatively simple to achieve but maybe more challenging to do it securely.

Within the Microsoft Windows OS there is a Remote Desktop option and if you are running a server environment it can be managed through the Server.

As an alternative there are various commercial applications that can be installed, you will probably have seen your IT Support using something similar.
Examples are GotoMyPC, VNC and Logmein.

Working from home tipsWorking from home tips #2.

Virtual Servers and Desktops are becoming very common, we are actively providing DaaS to many businesses notably Accountancy practices and Financial Services where they increasingly need to demonstrate their Data Security credentials; in many cases they have distributed and mobile work-forces.

Desktop as a Service resembles the old 1980’s mainframe environment in that the PC you work from has very little to do, those of you old enough to have worked in that era will remember the term “Dumb Terminal”.

Your local PC does very little, it has only one function, that is to give you access to your Hosted Virtual Desktop.

That is where similarities end however, the Hosted Desktop has all the functionality of your familiar Windows 10 Office Desktop both quicker and more reliably and of course you can access it from anywhere.

Desktop as a Service (DaaS) provide a great user experience, enabling you to concentrate on running your business from wherever you need to be. In your home, on the road or in the office.

It really is all about efficiency, convenience and flexibility while still having access to all the applications and functionality you had in the office.

Now is the time to look at how your systems need to evolve going forwards, as the new reality can also offer new ways of realizing efficiencies, real cost savings as well as the step change in security necessary for the modern business.

The Windows virtual machine is;
• Flexible, access it from anywhere.
• Reliable, 99.9% uptime.
• Cost efficient, Reduce support costs, hardware costs, experience less business interruptions.
• Scalable, Add or remove Servers and Desktops on demand.
• Secure, Your Data is always backed up, your Services and Data are Secure.
• Costs, are predictable.

View our White Paper on Hosted Desktops v Traditional IT

Working from home tips #3.

The third option is the VPN or Virtual Private Network, this creates an encrypted connection back to your Office and gives you secure access to your folders, documents and in some cases applications.

It isn’t really our preferred option for Home Working if you are looking to run it from your home PC although it can be very secure it has limited functionality and is complicated to setup correctly.

Working from home tips - Microsoft SharepointWorking from home tips #4.

Office 365, Sharepoint and Teams is a very powerful solution that also works well with Desktop as a Service.

Sharepoint allows your company to make  documents available in a manageable and secure manner.

Office 365 / Teams combines many of the Social features such as Business Skype, Email and Chat boards to create a powerful collaboration suite ideally suited to bringing together groups of workers.

Microsofts Teams seems like a concept that has been looking for a market and ironically the Pandemic would appear to have furnished one.

Although I wouldn’t go as far as to condone the conspiracy theories that claim Bill Gates is behind the Virus.

Talk to one of our experts on the advantages of moving to Windows virtual machine and how it will benefit your business

In our next Blogs we will discuss how you can layer security and extend it into the Working from Home environment and how to create a backup strategy for the new reality.