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BEC is responsible for 60% of fraud

Cyber Awareness Training is a key part of your businesses defences.

Business Email Compromise (BEC) is obviously a major factor in cyber crime.

According to the FBI’s Internet Crime Complaint Centre, consumers and businesses suffered in excess of $4.2 billion in losses tied to cybercrime in 2020, and BEC fraud and romance scams alone accounted for nearly 60% of those losses.

This highlights the importance of cyber awareness training for individuals and business in the run up to Black Friday & Christmas.

Ok those figures came from the USA but the UK and Europe are also major targets and here’s why.

For a more indepth look at why so many  of these scams originate from Africa check out this article by KrebsonSecurity.

As usual Brian Krebs insights make it a well worth while read.

The emails typically originating from places like Nigeria that contain Romance scams, Business Email Compromise (BEC) fraud, don’t target Nigerian citizens, nor do they harm African banks. On the contrary: This activity brings significant amounts of Western money into the Nigerian economy.

BEC is a  threat that isn’t going away any time soon

So it isn’t perhaps surprising that the Nigerian Government might turn a blind eye to an activity that brings in desperately needed Western currency.

Providing  of course it doesn’t harm Nigerian interests.

As such we probably have to live with the problem and realistically the best course of action is to employ a mixture of technology and training to counter the threat.

Phishing Awareness Training is a key part of your security strategy don’t neglect it.

By educating ourselves on the reasons behind the issues we can all become more Cyber Savvy.
In the meantime minimise the risk to yourself and your organisation think Strategy, Training and Technology.

The threat isn’t restricted to your inbox, social media and even browsing are potential sources of infection & intrusion.

Recognising risky behaviours is vital, online training will impart the skills necessary to make you Internet Savvy.

Cyber awareness training teaches you skills that can be passed on to your colleagues and family to create a culture of security.

Regularly simulating Phishing attacks mean you can train like an athlete, repetition is the key to ingraining your new skills.

Email Phishing

Implementing our strategy of defence in depth along with cyber awareness training will significantly reduce the risk to you and your business.

The good news is it’s affordable and scalable even for the smallest SME.

Contact us now to find out how we can protect you and your business.


3 Steps to better IT Security (1. Cyber Security Training)

Step One: Cyber Security Training

Cyber Security Training is a key plank of your overall Security Strategy so we will cover it first, many businesses make the mistake of deploying technologies and neglecting training, the sad reality is all of the other steps can be undone by neglecting the human element..

While it is true that a comprehensive cyber security strategy will have multiple layers reflecting the reality that there are many ways that businesses fall victim to cyber crime, statistics show that by following these 3 simple steps you will become secure from the majority of attacks.

One of the most effective, so this should be a priority is basic staff training (Cyber Security Training) to recognise and avoid dangerous situations. Knowing how to recognise an attack and how to back-out gracefully and deal with a situation safely is a key benefit that will come from training, for example an employee of a pharmaceutical company recently noticed unusual activity in their email.

Suspecting that something untoward might be happening due to unexpected mail and bounce back activity, they reported their suspicions to IT who quickly realised that the mailbox had been compromised, in addition six other users were also found to have been similarly compromised.

As a result of the employees prompt action what could have been a damaging breach was quickly shutdown.

Often employees have unfairly been labelled as the weak point in your defences whereas we know that with proper training your employees become your human Firewall, while lots of Security companies are looking to incorporate AI (Artificial Intelligence) Into their products, you can deploy Real time intelligence the result of having a Cyber Security Savvy workforce.

CyberSmart IT Security, Cyber Essentials

This is where a basic understanding of the basic principles delivered cyber security training will dramatically reduce your chances of becoming a victim and as a result decreasing the likelihood of compromising your business data.

Top Tip : The same principles from Cyber Security Training can be applied in your home-life to keep your kids safe in their dealings with the Internet.

Top Tip: Using a simple password manager takes away a lot of the angst from having sensible password policies and will make a massive impact to your security online.

Top Tip: Cyber Essentials the government backed certification program provides companies with a cost effective means of companies demonstrating to their customers that they are committed to the principles of data privacy as advocated under GDPR.