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We all need a Plan B – Backup Plan

When Ransomware strikes, time for Plan Backup Plan

Businesses of all sizes are being hit with Ransomware, your Plan B or backup plan is key to a successful strategy for Cyber Security. Your plan should include contingencies for when your efforts at prevention have failed. At this point it’s time to switch to “Plan B” or Backup Plan. If you are looking at an encrypted PC, Mac or Server your choices are stark, lose your data, pay the ransom or restore from a backup.

Ransomware coming to a PC near you, whats your backup plan

Ransomware is the fastest growing area of Cybercrime in fact it has in some circles been given the dubious accolade of “threat of the year” and unlike the Oscars in this case the award hasn’t been handed to the wrong nominee.

A highly successful model for distribution and lucrative returns for partners

The reasons for the success and the rapid increase in the proliferation of Ransomware are obvious, Ransomware makes lots of money. According to figures from the FBI, Ransomware payments to criminals reached $209m in the first quarter of 2016 and in all probability hit $1Billion by the end of the year.

The bottom line is Ransomware is lucrative, Ransomware produces high returns with a minimal chance of being caught, the Ransomware threat is proving hard to stop and devastatingly effective from the criminal point of view.

They have proved so effective that some brands of Ransomware are even using affiliates to distribute their particular version of Ransomware with the affiliate taking a cut of up to 80% on successful extortions. The Dark Web has sites dedicated to signing up new affiliates and if you are an aspiring cybercriminal it’s probably the place to be, as already discussed Cybercriminals are notoriously difficult to prosecute and it is even more unlikely that the proceeds will be recovered.

If you don’t already know Ransomware is the act of extorting payment for data that in most cases has been encrypted, the encryption takes place on computers servers and even mobile devices, the data hasn’t gone anywhere you just can’t read it anymore. Unsurprisingly Ransomware is the fastest growing area of Cybercrime. Affecting around 40% of businesses of all sizes during 2016.

“In 2016 Ransomware attacks on businesses increased three-fold, equal to one every 40 seconds, according to Kaspersky Lab’s Story of the Year report”.

The ways Ransomware may be delivered are varied, Hackers encrypt data rather than or as well as removing it, via email, the web via your browser and if a computer is compromised it may even try to propagate to computers it detects on the same network if they aren’t properly defended.

The statistics say when push comes to shove companies and individuals will pay the Ransom

If it is your only way of getting back the family photo’s back or unencrypting the companies accounts and customer data base. You will pay the ransom..

“Minimising the risk posed by threats like Ransomware is all about threat mitigation”.

“The approach we advocate at Tamite Secure IT is to use a mixture of technology such as Web Filtering and advanced Spam Filtering to ensure users have as small a risk as possible of being exposed to threats such as Ransomware, Cyber Security Awareness Training will help them make the correct decisions if they are confronted with content that may contain a risk”.

“Putting time and effort into getting your Backup plan in order is an investment that will pay dividends. When disaster does strike, a good backup plan will show its true value and will be the difference between a functioning business or a business catastrophe”.

We have found that there are two main approaches to dealing with Cybersecurity

Deluded – My Data is safe because.

  • My antivirus / malware will protect me – Unfortunately this is often not the case with Ransomware because it is well financed is sophisticated and often doesn’t fall into either category. Ransomware is notoriously difficult to detect.
  • My Data is on a server or NAS – If you can see it for instance you access it via a mapped drive then Ransomware can encrypt it.
  • My Data is backed up to a NAS or external driver – Same problem as above.

The Enlightened – My Data is Safe because .

  • We train our users to spot potential threats and inform our IT immediately if anything is happening or suspected
  • We have Proper data protection strategies in place to make sure potential damage is limited and planned for.
  • We run sophisticated Backup Plan and regularly test they work.
  • We update our practices and policies to keep up with developments in regulation and threat management regularly.

Gary Johnston our resident Data Security Evangelist says that. We must not fall into the trap of thinking either it will happen to someone else or their is nothing that can be done. Cyber Security Training should be a must for anyone who uses the Internet, that practically means all of us. By understanding the risks you can recognise a dangerous situation when it confronts you”. “In fact the same training that keeps you safe at work will also keep you safe at home and even help you keep your kids more secure in their dealings with the On-line World”..