Spear Phishing Awareness Training

Tamite Secure.IT will teach your staff the skills they need to avoid becoming victims of Spear Phishing, which often leads on to a full data breach.

Email PhishingThe Internet has radically changed the way we go about doing business, email has redefined the way we talk to our suppliers and customers; killing off technologies such as Fax and Telex and the letter that were once common place ways of corresponding”.

Email is vital to your business

Email is a big part of how we do business, the less flashy alter ego of the web, but just as vital.

Spam is the bane of the email user, it’s a nuisance it clogs up our mailbox and can be a complete waste of time if not handled correctly. Of course good quality Spam Filtering goes a long way to remedying this situation. While Spam is a nuisance, Spear Phishing is dangerous.

Spear Phishing is the use of highly targeted emails specifically aimed at individuals or a company. The content is often crafted to reflect current interests of the company and may have even been researched to appear as if is responding to a query.

It may also appear to have been sent by someone you know or masquerade as coming from within your company a customer or supplier. It may even come from a contact through social media such as Facebook. The problem is that the message has a pay load that once you have been tricked to acting on, will result in your PC being infected and possibly the entire organisation being breached.

While strategy products and policies all have their parts to play training users to recognise the threats is of vital importance and that is why our Spear Phishing awareness training is vital.

Cyber Awareness training The human firewall protecting your business

How to deal with the threat posed by Spear Phishing

What do the recent incidents at these three organisations have in common?

There is a common thread in the cases of the Advanced Persistent Threat that enabled the breach and sophisticated spying operation on Kaperski, the hacking of the US Government Department of Personel Management and resultant wholesale loss of millions of personal records and the Encryption Virus that hit a popular Gastro pub in Sussex. What have they all got in common?

The answer in all three cases is that they were all initially infected as a result of Phishing attacks.

Nobody understands Spear Phishing better than an anti-spam company. That’s why we are providing Spear Phishing Awareness Training to our customers.

No matter how well you construct your security strategy if you neglect training of your users you are missing a key element. As a moments inattention or failure to recognise a Cyber threat will undo all of your carefully laid plans.



Step 1. Give us a list of your users if we don’t already have it.

Step 2. Choose which campaigns you want us to run.

Step 3. We will send your users fake Phishing emails as chosen by you

Step 4. Any user who clicks on a link will be brought to a training page to view a Phishing training video.

Step 5. Reporting and graphs are made available to the company

Step 6. Repeat at regular intervals to keep the inclination to click low amongst your users


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