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A Spam Filtering Service from the experts, for businesses that mean business

Email is now as important as the telephone to most businesses, unfortunately the quantities of spam that confront us each and every day mean that email has become a mixed blessing, an effective spam filtering service provides the answer to the problem of junk mail.

The importance of email cannot be overstated it has become essential to the operation of your business, the down side is if we aren’t vigilant we can spend excessive amounts of time just sorting through the deluge of Spam mail looking for the few items that are relevant.

In addition because we can be overwhelmed by the quantity and time is precious we may inadvertently delete valuable leads or even more potentially damaging open something that contains malicious code.

A robust approach to Spam filtering is a must for any business. We recommend The Email Laundrys’ Cloud Email Security Service for many reasons one key factor is that as it is Cloud based, it checks your mail for viruses and strips out the Spam before it ever gets to your desktop.

The Email Laundry has been the leading developer of new technology for the email security industry for some time, with a cloud based spam filtering service that is renowned for accuracy and resilience. The service is provided through a global network of data centres with strict security protocols in place for local data protection law.

With the growth in quantity and complexity of blended threats now received by email, successful email security is business-critical.

Companies do not have the time or resources to deal with the headaches caused by viruses or spam. The Email Laundry’s Cloud Email Spam Security Service offers the most effective security and compliance service on the market and has huge advantages over on-premise infrastructure and software solutions.



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