On-Site Secure Hard Drive & Data Disposal

DiskShred – Data Disposal & Certified Secure Hard Drive Destruction.

DiskShred are our partner for secure physical destruction and certification for all your data devices. As you can tell from the list below, certified & secure hard drive destruction and redundant hardware disposal is a major headache for businesses of all sizes.

Because of the amount of data even a Smartphone or Tablet can hold that often includes contacts and documents just binning it is not an option.

DiskShred employ proven, state-of-the-art, chain of custody protocols for hard drive, device and media destruction to ensure you comply with the highest compliance and regulatory obligations but above all a clear conscience knowing the data has been irrevocably destroyed.

If you want ROI just look at the savings in space you will make by not needlessly storing hardware with all the inherent risks to your business of its possible loss.

We offer our customers a secure and comprehensive service to dispose of a variety of media types including:

  • Hard disks -Servers, Desktop, Laptop, Network attached Storage(SAN/NAS).
  • CCTV and video tape
  • Back-up tapes (DAT/DLT/LTO/DDS)
  • PDAs and mobile phones
  • CDs and DVDs
  • Portable storage devices
  • Floppy disks
  • ID badges, electronic tokens, PIN readers
  • Flash drives and external hard drives
  • Photocopier hard drives
  • Other media
  • Paper shredding

Efficient & Convenient Secure Hard Drive Destruction

We dispose of our customers’ redundant media in a cost effective and secure manner by providing a state-of-the-art shredding truck at your site to make sure your data is destroyed beyond all doubt.  No matter what type of storage media you need to destroy, our mobile disk shredders are so powerful they can reduce all kinds of storage into pieces as small as 6mm at your location, in plain sight, and in record time.

Why take risks with data security? by employing the DiskShred secure hard disk destruction service you will ensure you remain compliant with the Data Protection Act and from May 2018 the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), data loss is a major issue and secure destruction is the best method for protecting your company from the threat of potential hefty data breach fine.

Our Secure Hard Drive Destruction Service follows 8 simple steps:

Stage 1 : You tell us what you want to destroy and when you want us to do it.
Stage 2: Our mobile shredder arrives at your premises on the agreed day and time.
Stage 3: Our security-vetted employee transfers your hard drives or media into the lorry shredder.
Stage 4: Your media is never left unattended – an employee stays with it at all times.
Stage 5: The media is shredded down into 20mm fragments (6mm on request). You can also witness the destruction first hand.
Stage 6: We provide you with a Certificate of Destruction every time so you know you have fulfilled your regulatory obligations.
Stage 7: We carefully dispose of the debris according to government and environmental regulations.
Stage 8: If required, we can also provide you with asset tracking with/without video evidence of your media being destroyed.

We know our customers often need a tailored service and that’s where our optional extras can help.

Certified secure Hard Drive Destruction DiskShred

Option 1 – Asset Register

We offer a bespoke asset tracking service giving you a complete record of destruction that substantiates what was shredded, when and by whom. The information is captured via our hand-held scanners and is securely stored in our bespoke asset tracking system and forms part of the final asset register provided to each customer. A certificate of destruction is also included with the asset register. This level of detail is often required by auditors.

Option 2 – CCTV with Time/Date Stamp

Our vehicles are equipped with CCTV cameras so we can provide you with digital evidence of how and when your disks are destroyed. Three cameras provide every angle of the process including all the access areas to the vehicle so you know that all of your data has been securely destroyed. You will receive the CCTV footage on a USB pen drive which will be encrypted with a password – that will be emailed to you. The CCTV footage is searchable by the hard drive serial number: This feature is available to those customers who request Asset Tracking/Serial Number Capture of the media. As each item is scanned to the shredder, the recording is stamped with the information serial number and included within the film. This allows you to search for a part of the recording using this number, date or time giving you the ability to scroll to a specific hard drive being shredded. The CCTV option provides you with extra peace of mind as it is additional evidence for auditing purposes. It also eradicates the need for staff to witness and monitor the shredding operation.

Option 3 – Hard Drive Removal

You may need to remove hard drives from your PCs, laptops or servers before shredding. No problem, our teams are fully trained to take care of that on site.

Option 4 – WEEE Disposal

We can also remove your empty PCs, laptops or servers at the same time, giving you a one-stop-shop.

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