Heimdal – Privileged Access Management Tools and Application Control

Run either or combine Privilege Access Management Tools and Application Control

The Privileged Access Management tools (PAM Security) and Application Control modules secures three major areas of the
IT access infrastructure, ensuring everything works
smoothly and threats are kept away:

Management of privileges, App control and Auditing.

Importantly the Auditing function is granular and enables
Data Protection compliance. The modules support a full
audit trail of Allowed Executions, Blocked Executions
and Passive Mode monitored executions, with 90-day
retention for all log

Privileged Access Management Tools (PAM Security)

What is Privileged Access Management (PAM Security)?

Read the guidance from the UK National Cyber Security Centre

Features of the Heimdal PAM access management module:

• Privileged access management tools allow or block requests for escalations with one click (mobile approval supported) with full control of the escalation process (auto-approval flow can be
• Only fully automated de-escalation upon identification of a threat solution
• Easy to control and define rules on a per administrator basis
• Individual rights can be defined per Active Directory group (NIST AC-5 compliance)
• Option to remove existing Admin rights (NIST AC- 1,6 compliance)

Features of the Heimdal Application
Control module:

• Allow or Block execution of apps based on File Path, MD5, Publisher, Certificate or Software Name criteria
• Default approval for system applications
• Ability to use historical executions history for future
Allow or Block decisions
• Ability to see what users have executed with full
audit trail
• Comprehensive filtering functionality with 90 day
retention of all logs
• Option to remove existing rights and give access to
application execution (NIST AC-6 compliance)

Upon enabling both modules, they will
further enhance each other:

• Define lists of apps which can be accessed only
during elevated rights sessions
• Allow access to restricted applications during
elevated sessions
• Restrict access to some applications even when
user rights are elevated
• Allow access to running certain apps without full
elevation necessary

Benefits of Heimdal Privileged Access Management tools :

• Significant increase overall security
• Boost productivity and free of resources
• Protect revenue and intellectual property by minimising the riskof  insider threat
• Save money

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