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This article from the BBC graphically demonstrates the need for us to use a password generator to create secure credentials; left to ourselves, we (humans) are just not up to the task of creating unique, complex credentials.

23andMe data leak article
It also looks like the companies we rely on to secure our data are often not up to the task; in this case, the genetic testing firm 23andMe could have insisted. They presumably manage the services their customers log onto and so should have set up policies to stop customers from using simple passwords.

23andMe, in effect, could have insisted customers adhered to safe password practices, used an in-page password generator to choose a password and used multifactor authentication, but instead, they preferred to point the finger at irresponsible customers who re-used passwords.

We recommend our customers use the Keeper Password Manager.

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password generator

Password & Multifactor Authentication (MFA) Policy

To ensure better password hygiene, create a company password policy with the following guidelines:
1. Use passwords that are at least eight characters long and include a combination of letters, numbers, and symbols. If you don’t use a password manager, adopt passphrases instead.
2. Avoid using personal or company-specific words, names, or addresses in your passwords.
3. Use a unique password for every service you use.
4. Never write passwords on paper or in an insecure digital form. To manage your passwords,  when creating passwords, use a password generator and adopt a password manager. This will securely store and manage all your passwords in one place.
Use Multi-Factor Authentication. MFA reduces the likelihood of a breach by orders of magnitude. It uses your mobile device as a second security check for those who don’t know.
We provide the business Password Manager. Keeper SecurityKeeper Security – business password manager manages all of your logins, suggests improvements, monitors for leaks of old passwords and alerts you to potential issues.