Cloud Backup Security

Online secure data backup & common worries associated with cloud backup.

Question : We hold masses of data, how will we get that up to an online secure data backup over a broadband connection

Seed Backup – Do it and transport it.

A seed backup involves siting a device on your site to do the initial backup, which is then sent to your Cloud provider. Subsequent backups consist of new documents and changes and so are smaller in size.

Archiving your non-current data will mean that less data needs to be included in the backup, making it smaller will make it happen faster and will be more cost effective.

Question : Our governing body or regulatory body has strict criteria on where our data can be stored what are your insurance companies.

Location, Location, Co-Location

Location is important as different Nations have different ideas on what constitutes acceptable practice. Your Regulator may stipulate where data can be stored and General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) which come into force in May 2018 will mean that you have to be even more aware of your obligations, but if you locate your data in the UK or Europe with a reputable “online secure data backup service” you are on fairly safe ground.

 Question : What about security

You are right to worry about the security of your data, that worry should extend to on site and off site stores and even your website, if you are handling your data securely, employing encryption etc. then all you need to do is chose a reputable supplier and configure the backup correctly.

Security concerns shouldn’t stop you adopting “Cloud Backup” as part of your over-all backup strategy, the security of your data should be like a stick of rock you might buy at the seaside, security should be printed through the centre of the whole of your rock.

The same safeguards that you have employed for backups on your own network, primarily encryption, will provide some of the basis for your off-site backup security with the addition that the recipient; your chosen data backup service will have even more stringent safeguards than you are likely to deploy. Bare in mind they are obligated to protect all of their customer’s data. Remember a data backup provider’s business is totally dependent on customers being confident that data is being held securely. – NB. If they are unable to demonstrate this, you shouldn’t be using them.

Secondly the hacker intent on stealing your data will concentrate on accessing it off your network rather than the online secure data backup service for three reasons.

1). Unless you advertise the location of your backup they won’t know where to look.

2). Interception in transit of encrypted data by hackers and cybercriminals is a rare occurrence and is more commonly being perpetrated by Nation States, as it is difficult.

3). Your own network is almost certainly an easier nut to crack.

At Tamite Secure IT we go beyond the PC backup, we provide a strategy for resilience.

Onsite & online secure data backupThe question is how secure is your existing Backup Strategy?

Tamite Secure IT working with our preferred supplier for software backup solutions provide comprehensive data protection for any system — servers, virtual hosts and VMs, PC backup and applications — by unlocking all Acronis Backup Advanced features and capabilities, including:

Cloud backup can and often is part of the backup Strategy we at Tamite Secure IT provide for our customers, these are almost always a mix of on-site and off-site data replication.

Cloud services are becoming mainstream and are benefitting many businesses right now. Cloud Backup and Archiving are just two services many companies and individuals have turned to.

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