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Achieve M365 Security with Octiga 365

Octiga has recognised the need for affordable and automated cybersecurity for SMEs. We recognise the complexity associated with adequately configuring security in Microsoft M365, not to mention the considerable time it takes. Our product addresses all of these needs. It addresses the time and complexity using easy-to-understand interactive wizards and automation. It keeps you safe by monitoring, alerting and remediating security risks and incidents.

Octiga M365 integrates in one click directly online with your Office 365 and requires no technical expertise.

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Repeatable Office 365 Best Practice Security
Deploy Best Practice Security Baselines from templates. Create your own templates—Re-use baseline templates across users, groups and tenants instantly. Get Microsoft Office 365 desired state configuration in seconds.
Timely Threat Monitoring & Alerting
Monitoring, targeted and tailored alerts, and a single-pane Microsoft M365 security dashboard instantly bring the right people to the most pressing issues.
Continuous Security Posture Monitoring
Your business changes daily. User activity and external actions necessitate continuous monitoring and remediation of your IT security posture with ease.

Make your M365 Tenant safe in clicks, not weeks.

Octiga is a cloud-based software that helps you secure and manage your Microsoft 365 environment. It automates the entire security lifecycle, from applying best practice baselines to detecting and remediating breaches. With Octiga, you can:

  • Monitor and audit your Microsoft 365 security posture, configurations, activity, and risks in one dashboard.
  • Apply tailored security baselines to your Microsoft 365 tenants in clicks, not weeks.
  • Detect and respond to legacy and emerging threats, such as risky mailbox rules, suspicious sign-ins, and misconfigured security controls.
  • Remediate breaches and risks in one click with in-app corporate-wide security management.
  • Generate compliance trend reports and proof of service based on the CIS Office 365 Benchmarking.

Quickly and easily, achieve maximum Microsoft M365 Security.

Octiga is designed for businesses that want to leverage the full potential of Microsoft 365 security capabilities without the hassle and complexity of manual configuration and monitoring.

Octiga is designed to help you achieve a holistic and coherent security posture that adapts to your unique business needs and evolves with the changing threat landscape. It is not just a security solution but a security posture automation solution.

Best Practice Security Posture Baselines
Applies best practice IT security posture through automation. Instant Office 365 multi-tenant management for config, users, Azure AD groups, Mailboxes, Teams, SharePoint, Intune and everything M365.
Breach & Risk Monitoring. No 365 Licence Required
Advanced threat detection and response software to view and automatically remediate.
Fix global security posture deviations and unknown threats in a few seconds.

Many solutions in this space will leverage AzureAD Sign-in Logs, which are limited and require a 365 licence. Octiga monitors every event in a 365 tenant regardless of licence.

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Octiga 365 Features

One Click Remediation
One Microsoft Office 365 threat intelligence dashboard to view and fix all your security concerns.
In-app corporate-wide security for config, users, Azure AD groups, mailboxes, Teams, SharePoint, Intune and everything M365.
Instant Gap Analysis with Continuous Audit
Onboarded tenants instantly scanned against best practice baselines—quick remediation within the app.
Goodbye to the time-consuming, repetitive audits. Switch on continuous gap analysis in clicks.
Universal Risk and Threat Dashboard
Best Business tool to monitor breaches, risky user activity and config changes in one place.
One Microsoft M365 threat intelligence dashboard to view all your security concerns.
Legacy AND Emerging Breach Detection
It’s SIEM and much more. It can continuously monitor and detect legacy AND new breaches, internal risks and threats, and misconfigurations of security controls.
Remediate them within the app in a few clicks!
Risk Alert-Triage-Remediate Accurately In Clicks
Instant threat alerts for admin & user changes. Incident response against hidden attacks and risky misconfigurations.
Reduce alert fatigue with augmented contextual threat detail & a single-click fix. No PowerShell is needed.
CIS M365 Benchmarking
Achieve up to 90% of CIS Microsoft Office 365 benchmark in a day.
Prove and maintain M365 compliance instantly against CIS recognised framework benchmark for O365 with ongoing ratification.
Compliance Trends with Client Reports & Proof of Service
Audit, prioritise, and generate client reports that prove ongoing posture management.
Analyse compliance trends and assess the risks and gaps to provide proof of service.
How do we differ?
There are many great security features in Microsoft Office 365,
However, whether you use these tools or not, maintaining a coherent security posture requires constant attention, diligence, and knowledge.

Features Octiga Microsoft M365
Multi-Tenant Complete Posture Control Yes No
Customisable Best Practices Yes No
Posture Alerts Yes No
Posture Remediation Yes No
Unified Posture Gaps and Threats Visibility Yes No
Effortless Breach Triage & Remediation Yes No
Breach Monitoring Yese Requires Sentinel / Cloud App Security Setup


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