CyberSmart IT Security, Cyber Essentials


IT Security the Cybersmart way, the smartest route to achieving Cyber Essentials Certification.

GDPR has undoubtedly changed the IT security and privacy landscape for businesses in the EU and beyond.

The need to demonstrate compliance and show your IT security credentials are becoming a main stream objective for businesses.

CyberSmart IT Security, Cyber Essentials
It becomes obvious that our customers now care and demand that data is held securely, business partners require assurance on compliance as part of the tender process and increasingly write it into contracts and of course your insurance provider will insist and your premium will be dependent on showing you are prepared.

While there is no certification at present to demonstrate compliance with GDPR, the UK Government have in collaboration with the spooks at GCHQ created a scheme that defines the basis of IT Security for SME’s called Cyber Essentials.

Gaining Cyber Essentials Certification shows that you understand and have put into place recognized standards of IT security and good practice across your organization.

CyberSmart provides you with all the tools you require to achieve Cyber Essentials Certification

Contact Tamite Secure IT to discuss our exclusive professional implementation service, or we can supply CyberSmart access as a package for your IT team to manage themselves.

CyberSmart is the smart answer to putting your business on the fast track to not only demonstrating through gaining a recognized certification (Cyber Essentials) your commitment to privacy and compliance to GDPR.

CyberSmart allows you to work through a simple process in simple steps to achieve Cyber Essentials Certification, in addition on achieving this, you can use the same tools to achieve and maintain compliance with the broader requirements of General Data Protection Regulation.

CyberSmart allows organisations to check, fix and certify for Cyber Essentials. We make it as easy as possible to achieve certification by deploying smart software and offering real-time guidance on remediation. Go beyond an annual snapshot for the first time with continuous monitoring and reports.

1. Platform Features
• Cloud-based platform with instant online access
• Endpoint scanning across all machines including checks for:

2. OS updates, Patches, Antivirus, Firewalls, User rights, Secure configs & more
• Integrated and guided Cyber Essentials questionnaire with live support
• Rapid digital issue of Cyber Essentials certification
• Continuous monitoring of devices with weekly security reports

3. Why use CyberSmart?
• Online platform, no need for manual lists and word docs
• Quick and easy, get accredited in 24 hours
• Guaranteed Cyber Essentials certification

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