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What’s up with email security.

Why secure email encryption is a business necessity?

According to ICO statistics you are 61% more likely to send an email containing sensitive data to the wrong recipient than to fall victim to a successful phishing attempt.

That’s right a data leak is more likely to happen as a result of  human error than as a result of a cyber attack and as such is a bigger risk to your business.

Email encryption – reduce your human risk.

Emails sent to the wrong person are the #1 cause of data exposure. So it makes sense to  decrease the risk.

MaiLock allows you to easily encrypt emails using Outlook, M365 & Gmail, painlessly, efficiently and securely with 2-factor authentication and Full Revoke.

Communicate efficiently

“Can’t you just email it to me?!’ Exchange sensitive documents easily, instantly, with peace-of-mind that data is safely shared.

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Secure email encryption






Secure enterprise email encryption explained

58% of cyber attacks target small businesses. The majority happen by email.

Why is enterprise email not secure?

Believe it or not Email is comparatively old technology.

Email has grown bigger than its origins
Email has been around nearly as long as the internet, and it was never designed as a secure method of communication.

When you send an email, just like other internet data, it travels through multiple nodes. At any one of these, a bad actor could be present. It could be at your mail server, the server of your recipient, or somewhere in the middle.

The thing is, there’s no way to guarantee security at every stage.

Email: internal and external risks

Misfires – more common than you think
It’s not just bad actors you have to worry about when you click ‘send’.

The number one cause of email data exposure is human error – sending a sensitive email or document to the wrong person.

It’s easy to do in today’s age of autocomplete, but it’s not something to underestimate. Both organisations and individuals can be liable for fines, and the ICO regularly enforces on businesses of all sizes.

working from home GUIDANCE

What the ICO says…
Advice from the ICO on email data protection compliance best practices.

Encrypt emails and attachments
“Data controllers should have a policy governing encrypted email, including guidelines that enable staff to understand when they should or should not use it. For example, there may be a guideline stating that any email containing sensitive personal data (either in the body or as an unencrypted attachment) should be sent encrypted.” – ICO, 2021

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Exchange encrypted emails

Encrypt email messages and attachments from your email client or automatically encrypt your bulk customer document output.

  • 2-factor authentication
  • End-to-end AES-256 encryption
  • Manual, rule-based, or automated
  • Recipients attach and encrypt free

How Mailock® solves the problem

Mailock protects email data with military-grade AES-256 encryption at rest and in transit. It uses 2-factor recipient challenges, so your messages can only be read by the right people.

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