Protecting the security of your business

wateringhole-1The threats to your business are usually targeting one goal; your data.

Make no mistake the treat is both internal and external and as events such as the hack at TalkTalk which has been extensively covered in the press, the fact is it happens to businesses of all types and sizes.

How and where that threat presents itself can take many forms. That is why you need a strategy.

Information Technology Touches every facet of your business, a strategy for IT Security in your business needs to be comprehensive in the mitigation of the dangers, light touch – you need to carry on with your daily business and evolving to meet new threats as they arise.

The goal is always protection against attacks on your data and IT security breaches; and possible loss by theft.


distribution-may-2014The threat posed by Cyber Crime take many forms. At a minimum these events are business disruptive resulting in lost productivity and down time at worst these events can affect your share price and brand value and even extinction. They can create expensive legal issues, fines and costs to recompense.

You may lose on-going business if you can’t trade whilst sorting out the IT breach.


Tamite Secure IT – We help you to protect your business from data attacks.

We can advise you on how to protect your business. Making sure you have a business.

When you form a relationship with Tamite Secure IT we can offer you help, advice and products to protect all aspects of data security and your business.


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