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Putting in place your company policy to deal with a Disaster Recovery situation.

I have been assisting one of my customers with aspects of their Disaster Recovery Plan, this has been brought into focus because of the present situation with Coronavirus.

Understanding possible scenario’s and planning a response is not scaremongering it’s what mature forward thinking businesses are doing right now.

The possibility that significant portions of your work force could be effected by either contracting or coming into contact and having to go into self imposed quarantine for a period and how to minimise the risks to people within your organisation.

My customer has made plans to run his business with a minimum staff on site and we are actively checking that as many as possible of the companies key functions can be performed by staff working from home.

One of the urgent considerations is ensuring that staff are trained to be able to function safely outside of the office enviroment and so we are currently updating their Cyber Security training.

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