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Heimdal™ Email Security will keep your inboxes clean and lean.

Eliminate the hassle and danger of churning out spam emails and allow your employees to just focus on the work that matters.

Step up now and stop spam and email malware. We’re here to help.

Over 55% of all incoming emails are spam, seeping your attention away from the legitimate ones. But beyond the wasted time, spam emails are also dangerous.

Heimdal™ Email Security uses an entire array of technologies to detect and block spam, malware and ransomware threats before they compromise your IT system through malicious emails. Compatible with our advanced technology for combating fraud. The advanced spam and malware filter Heimdal™ Email Security is also compatible with Heimdal™ Email Fraud Prevention, a module especially designed to combat the growing threat of Business Email Compromise (BEC) attacks.

Heimdal™ Email Security is the professional spam and email malware filter solution that corporate environments can now rely on. The multiple analysis vectors apply technological expertise to scan for all possible cues and seamlessly filter spam out of your organization’s inboxes.

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Spam emails are today a growing threat: They flood inboxes, diminish productivity and bring a host of cybersecurity dangers like malware, ransomware or phishing. A professional spam and malware filter keeps all that safely away.

Your business and employees will be spared from:

  • The pervasive, evolving threat of phishing.
  • Email exploits & botnet attacks.
  • Unwanted content.
  • The again-growing threat of ransomware.
  • The frustration of having to click away through never-ending spam emails.
  • Botnet attacks through email.
  • Malicious links and attachments.
  • Emails coming from infected IPs and / or domains.
  • Advanced spam.
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