Getting M365 and Sharepoint security ready for Microsoft Copilot, Sharepoint security is key

Microsoft’s Copilot is an AI agent that will be on the agenda of many of you, so by now, you will have realised that getting your business ready for M365 security is central, and Sharepoint security is key.

From the 1st of November, Microsoft has made Microsoft 365 Copilot “generally” available for enterprises worldwide. But you’ll need to buy a minimum of 300 seats.

The £30 per user per month cost is in addition to the M365 E3 or E5 subscription, and so – in some cases – will nearly double the monthly outlay per user. Microsoft M365 Copilot also requires an annual commitment.

Anyone who has read my previous blog on Copilot will realise I’m a fan and am actively encouraging my customers to adopt it.

The term “General Availability” is a bit of a red herring as most of us will have to wait to get access to Microsoft Copilot. However, this should be seen as an opportunity to gain knowledge on the product, understand how it may affect Sharepoint security and ensure your organisation is ready to take advantage when Microsoft make it available to the SMEs who arguably will be the biggest beneficiaries.

So, most of us can’t get Copilot right now, but we can make preparations that will give us a head start when we get our turn.

M365 Sharepoint security and Copilot go hand in hand

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Getting your Sharepoint security structure in place beforehand

As Copilot uses organisational content in the Microsoft 365 tenant – such as users’ calendars, emails, chats, documents, contacts, and more- organisations must duly prepare for Copilot adoption, particularly from a security and compliance perspective.

Because of the breadth of the change that adding Copilot to your IT ecosystem will bring about, I would suggest that this is a good point to review your existing controls and plan for how you will need to control information in the future.

It might be a good time to go into your M365 tenant and check your Secure Score. yes, using the Microsoft tools to improve your score is a challenge for most of us; we have found the Octiga M365 Security is an excellent way to address this as it is very visual and has great intuitive tools that make the whole experience much simpler and help you stay on top of it in the longer term.

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Of course, we are happy to use our experience to help you improve your M365 secure score and Sharepoint security as well.

One of the things to remember about AI is that presently, Natural or Human intelligence has at least one significant advantage: it can be selective about the information it may choose to share with, for instance, a customer.

Give Copilot or any other AI, especially chatbot information, and it will use it if you haven’t given it express rules for who should have access; don’t expect AI to exercise common sense or discernment.