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Heimdal Email Security -block spam email

Heimdal™ Email Security will block spam email to keep your inboxes clean and lean.

Did you know that over 55% of all incoming emails are spam, no wonder managing your in box can waste so much time, the junk distracting your attention away from the legitimate email.

But beyond the wasted time, spam emails are also dangerous, often Phishing attacks are designed to get you to inadvertently get you to give access to systems or divulge information.

Heimdal™ have developed know how to stop spam email

Heimdal™ Email Security uses an entire array of technologies to detect and block spam email, malware and ransomware threats before they compromise your IT system through malicious emails.

Heimdal Email Security + Email Fraud Prevention

Targeted phishing aimed at individuals with in your business very often at CEO level or within Finance is a strategy currently being actively employed by Cyber Criminals.

Heimdal’s Email Fraud Prevention, a module especially designed to combat the growing threat of Business Email Compromise (BEC) attacks..

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Heimdal Email Security

Heimdal™ Email Security is the professional spam and email malware filter solution that SME’s and corporate environments can rely on.

By employing the multiple analysis vectors Heimdal apply technological expertise to scan for all possible cues and seamlessly block spam email, filtering it out of your organization’s inboxes.

Spam emails are today a growing threat:

How to stop spam email? They flood inboxes, diminish productivity and bring a host of cybersecurity dangers like malware, ransomware or phishing.

The professional spam and malware filter will block spam email and keeps all that safely away.

The benefits of securing your email

The National Cyber Security Centre recommends amending your domains DNS records to secure your email to stop cyber criminals impersonating your business identity to send spam.

This will be achieved by configuring effective anti-spoofing controls on your domains.

The real benefit is that the bad guys will find it very difficult to send email using your domain this step is free and as it is a technical way to make it difficult for fake emails to be sent from your organisation’s domains.

See the National Cyber Security Centre guide for IT Managers

But don’t worry we can take care of this for you.

To Summarise:

When you implement anti-spoofing measures and secure your email while in transit, you:

Help protect the individuals and organisations you do business with by making it difficult for cyber criminals to spoof your email address
Help protect your brand and reputation
Reduce the costs of service down-time and time spent on dealing with the consequences of email fraud

Did you know that sending outbound spam can cause major disruption to your business

Being blacklisted for inadvertently sending spam will be very disruptive, businesses spend days getting outgoing  mail back online.

Getting delisted from blacklists is often tortuous.

Heimdal’s Email Security does more
than safeguarding your inboxes from undesirable

By managing your outgoing mail to block spam email you can be sure your reputation remains intact.

With a 0.05% false-positive rate, ESECT
protects against phishing and botnet attempts,
auto-locks your account on outbound spam

The benefits :

    • The pervasive, evolving threat of phishing.
    • Email exploits & botnet attacks.
    • Unwanted content.
    • The again-growing threat of ransomware.
    • The frustration of having to click away through never-ending spam emails.
    • Botnet attacks through email.
    • Malicious links and attachments.
    • Block spam emails coming from infected IPs and / or domains.
    • Advanced spam


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