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DESlock Encryption Suite

DESlock+ is a suite of encryption tools designed to protect against unintended events like the loss of a USB stick or laptop and to allow secure collaboration and data sharing within complex boundaries.

A single, common MSI install for DESlock+ has its feature set defined by the user licence type meaning that a licence upgrade will enable new features without the need to decrypt, backup or re-install.

For large scale deployments, our Enterprise Server management software allows remote deployment, management of users, licences and workstations and full control of encryption keys, security policy and features. Client PC’s may be managed via the corporate network or across the internet using secure https: communication.


Full Disk Encryption

DESlock Full Disk Encryption

Full-disk encryption is a transparent, background operation requiring no user input beyond system boot-time and no need for user training.

Email Encryption

DESlock Email Encryption

DESlock+ includes a plug-in component for Microsoft Outlook email and attachments and a universal text encryption tool accessed via hot-keys or the system menu.


Removable Media Encryption

DESlock Removable Media Encryption

DESlock+ can protect USB sticks and other removable media with full disk or file level encryption. Full integration with key management system ensures fast, silent operation

Virtual Disks and Archives

DESlock Virtual and Archive Encryption

Ideal for backing up or securely transferring multiple files and folders via any method including CD, DVD and FTP.

DESlock+ Go Portable Encryption

Portable Encryption

An extension of our removable media encryption, DESlock+ Go allows encrypted removable drives to be accessed on PC’s without DESlock+ being installed.


Text and Clipboard Encryption

DESlock Text and Clipboard encryption

DESlock+ works with most text based applications, encrypting and decrypting directly into the active window or via the Windows Clipboard.


Enterprise Server

DESlock Enterprise Server Encryption

The Enterprise Server allows remote control of DESlock+ software features, encryption keys security policies via a corporate network or internet connection.

Secure File Shredding

DESlock Secure File Shredding

The DESlock+ Shredder allows secure deletion of any file, the Recycle Bin contents, IE browser history and cache, your Recent Documents and Temporary File folders.


File and Folder Encryption

DESlock File and Folder Encryption

Files may be encrypted from the context menu while encrypted folders give everyone the ability to work with encrypted data, as if it were plain. Simple.

Shared Encryption Keys

DESlock Shared encryption keys

Unlike other systems, DESlock+ was designed for secure collaboration. Allowing project teams, workgroups etc. to work within a multi-layered, secure environment.


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