Encryption Products – Secure Your Data

Why do we need to encrypt?

The data you hold on your servers, PCs, USB sticks and even mobile devices is a precious resource to your company, like any precious possesion it is important you take steps to avoid people other than properly authorised staff members gaining access to it. Your customer database is just one of the piece of company data that in the wrong hands could prove damaging to your companys’ future prospects.  Incorrectly routed emails, data lost on portable devices such as laptops and these days tablets, the ways data moves across a company and outside are many and varied.

By encrypting your data you can ensure that if it is lost or stolen it will be unreadable to anyone who hasn’t got proper authority to read it. So in the case of the salesperson who has left for pastures new taking a copy of your customer database, you can simply remove the rights to access and the data becomes useless.

Tamite can provide a number of solutions that will ensure that the data on your computer, server or peripheral devices such as external hard drives and USB memory sticks is only available to authorised staff within your organisation. Data that is copied from your PC or server will still be in an encrypted state and so useless.

We will ensure that your data is available to authorised users on your network and as the encryption products we use operate transparently in the background, end users don’t have to undergo training or alter their work behaviours.

Because your data has been encrypted you can safely use laptops and peripherals secure in the knowledge that even if the worst were to happen and your device is lost or stolen, the data is secure.

The software that we provide will help you to meet the requirements of the Data Protection Commissioner and Financial Services Authority as it meets the DPA and FSA requirements.

Are you prepared to take a risk with your customer data?

The safekeeping of customer data is a crucial responsibility for firms and both the DPA and FSA regard poor data security controls as a serious breach in security which could lead to heavy fines and even prosecution. As an example the Nationwide were fined £980,000 and Merchant Securities £77,000 for the loss of data from a laptop.

“Imagine the damage to your professional reputation not to mention the impact on your finances a fine would have!

Can you afford to take the risk that it won’t happen to you?”

The simple answer is you can’t.

Tamite can supply and install a number of solutions to ensure the security of your data.



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