Email Archiving

Email Archiving

Email Archiving

Email Archiving has become an important issue in most organisations. Any business where email is a critical business tool needs a central repository of all email communications across the business. The service is not about storing old emails but about making them useful and available. There are three crucial problems solved by using our email archiving service.

Reduce the cost of producing emails in court (electronic discovery) dramatically.

Provide all users with a disaster recovery option, available anywhere and anytime, seamlessly. No more email downtime.

Make use of your unlimited historical data by making it available and searchable, all accessible without leaving your email client.

This service pays for itself on point one, again on point two and yet again on point three.

With changes to the Data protection laws and the unrelenting explosion in email volume, interest in email archiving has expanded from the financial services giants to nearly every organisation worldwide, large or small. To avoid heavy fines and severe legal sanctions, companies need an easy way to search for relevant email to quickly meet legal discovery requests.

Store and index every email and attachment in a centralised, online repository.

Accelerate legal discovery and HR inquiries with real time search and retrieval. Enforce email preservation for legal holds.

Our archiving service has two crucial access points. The first is the Discovery portal for company central searching and discovery. The second is an individual users personal access to the archive of their mailbox. We call this the personal archive and it allows users search and restore email from their own archive without having to contact IT.

Give Your Users Unlimited Mailboxes 

The Email Laundry Personal Archive gives your users unlimited mailboxes and allows them to quickly and easily access their archived email directly from Outlook or Lotus Notes. Plus, with our cached sign-on technology, you don’t have to worry about forgotten user names and passwords.  Customers can combine our Email filtering service, our Email archiving service and our Email continuity service into one incredible Email security suite. We stop an organisation receiving unwanted email traffic, archive their email and whenever their server is down they can operate as normal, sending and receiving mail directly from our hosted archive. The user never has to even leave their email client.

  • Give end users the power to restore lost emails themselves—even things they may have deleted
  • Eliminate PST files, and minimise the burden on your IT staff and/or help desk
  • Improve performance by reducing the footprint on your mail servers, and shrink backup windows
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