Drop my site – Backup Web site & Database

USS Dashboard Simple yet powerful, automated solution

Backup all your websites and databases, irrespective of the hosting provider, in one clean and easy to use dashboard. Protect yourself with our free Website monitoring and Google blacklist monitoring capabilities.


Automated Website BackupAUTOMATIC BACKUP

And easy to use interface to backup their your website and database. Just enter your FTP, SFTP or RSYNC details and backups will start automatically.


One click website restoreONE-CLICK RESTORE
Recreate your website files and databases with one-click restore. Choose from up to 30 backup versions for easy recovery.

One Click downloadONE-CLICK DOWNLOAD
Lost your local copy of data file? Don’t worry. Our one-click download feature lets you access your backup anytime and anywhere.

Super_secure_BackupSUPER SECURE BACKUP
Use of military grade encryption and industry standard security practices ensures your data is protected, secure and always available.

Website Black list monitorWEBSITE BLACKLIST MONITOR
Check if your website is deemed unsafe for browsing by Google using our integrated Google’s Safe Browsing.

Monitor the uptime of your website from 3 continents and get notified in the event of a server or network outage.

Automated website and database backup

Dropmysite provides a simple and easy-to-use interface to backup websites and databases. To backup your website, just enter your FTP or SFTP or RSYNC details and backups will be scheduled on a daily basis. Databases can be backed up by providing the hostname and the database username and password to connect to the server. We currently support MySQL(with / without SSH over tunnel), MS-SQL, MongoDB, PostgreSQL databases at the moment.


Restore with 1-Click

Recovering your website very quickly is key to your business continuity and for this purpose we allow for unlimited restores and downloads from up to 30 backup versions. With the automated one-click restore feature, you can recreate your website and database with a single click.

View Modified files

You can easily track any changes to your website files. As a website admin/ owner, you can verify that all file changes in the latest release are correct and ensure it has been backed up properly. Planning for rollbacks is also possible using this feature in association with selective restore feature.

Download with 1-click

Our one-click download feature lets you access your backup anytime and anywhere. Website backups are available as zipped files using the tar format for easy migration to the new server. Users can select any backup version and download the backup files to recreate their website. Databases are backed up as database dump files. You can recreate your database within minutes using the MySQL friendly dump file format.

Schedule backups

Schedule your backups on a daily, bi-weekly, weekly, fortnightly or on a monthly basis. Dropmysite provides you the flexibility to choose the appropriate time of day to start your backups. This ensures that our backup process does not affect the performance of your servers during the peak activity time of the day. Select the exact hour and time of the day when you want the backup to start and we will handle the rest. Dropmysite also provides you with the option to perform an on demand backup.

Monitor Website Availability

Dropmysite allows you to monitor the uptime of your website and notifies you via email in the event of a server or network outage.

Website Performance Reports

Dropmysite lets you analyze the response time (in msecs) of your website from around the world and view them graphically on a chart. You can monitor the performance of either a GET, POST or a HEAD request.

Website Blacklist Monitor

Dropmysite has integrated Google’s Safe Browsing into our services. This way we will notify you if Google determines that your website contains suspected malware / or suspected phishing code and is deemed not safe for browsing by Google. This is integrated with website and database backup for faster recovery.

Migrate Websites and databases

Migrating a website and its database could not have been easier now. Just create source and target profiles (website / databases) on Dropmysite and restore from source to target website / database.

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