RepKnight Detect data breach BreachAlert.

Repknight RepKnight - Breach Alert gives companies the ability to detect data breach

Bearing in mind the fact that most  breaches are done covertly, how do I detect data breach in my organisation?

RepKnight’s BreachAlert ability to detect data breach can give you a vital early warning of potential data leak in your organisation.

The experiences at British Airways & Equifax prove that data breach can happen to any organisation.

Horrific as both data breaches were and damaging to the organisations concerned, in both cases it could have been much worse. Both of these organisations were able to detect the breach and re-act to the situation, most organisations aren’t so lucky and only find out when the press or ICO come knocking at the door.

RepKnight BreachAlert gives businesses of all sizes the ability to early detect data breach and set in motion your Data Breach Strategy.

Hopefully you will never have to deal with a breach at all, but as my grandmother used to tell me fore-warned is fore-armed.

Detect a data breach for:

GDPR compliance

Embed BreachAlert into your data breach response plan and be the first to know if your data appears where it shouldn’t — potentially reducing any fines.

Risk management

Can you be sure that your third-party providers are keeping your data secure? Use BreachAlert to monitor company databases to ensure your data is kept safe.

Customer confidence

Manage data leaks proactively. Be alerted as soon as information appears on the Dark Web — and before the media — keeping the impact to a minimum.

Brand management

Don’t let your data go unnoticed for years — causing major damage to your brand. Use BreachAlert to find out if your data is already on the Dark Web.

How it works

The BreachAlert application continuously monitors the channels most commonly used by cyber criminals looking for stolen data belonging to you. Once found, we quickly notify you.

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