Datto Alto data backup

Data Backup -The Enterprise level Backup & Restore solution that SME’s love.


Datto Alto Data Backup has been specifically designed for small businesses.

The problem for small & medium businesses was that the data backup services they rely on are often primitive, unreliable and ineffective.

Datto Alto designed specifically for SME’s  is an advanced data backup, disaster recovery and business continuity solution that is easy to use.

Datto Alto is a truly cost effective solution that provides an insurance policy against costly downtime, significantly decreasing the likelihood of extended interruptions in business continuity.

Alto, by providing backup and restore functionality which includes true Disaster Recovery capability because we know Small & medium businesses need Disaster Recovery (DR) plans as much as their larger cousins.

If you thought disaster recovery was beyond your reach, with Datto Alto this is no longer the case, talk to us about how Alto data backup can provide you a comprehensive solution.

Datto Recovery Time Calculator

In fact can you afford not to have a comprehensive Disaster Recovery plan?

How Datto Alto Data Backup works?

The entire system is backed up seamlessly through image based backup.

  • Downtime is reduced and employees can work without any special connections or software through leading edge hybrid virtualization
  • Backups are automatically verified daily through screenshot verification
  • Breakthrough bare metal restore technology allows users to perform restores to dissimilar hardware
  • Inverse Chain Technology creates an optimal backup chain from scratch and restores and virtualizes every point
  • An easy to use and intuitive interface reduces time to install and maintain

A platform built for small businesses.

ALTO 3 is Datto’s cost effective, yet fully featured.

Recover granular data quickly from multiple points in time.

Faster recovery as Datto Cloud virtualization allows you to spin up lost servers, getting back to business in minutes.

Easily protect any physical or virtual infrastructure running on Windows, Mac, or Linux, and spin up lost servers in minutes in the secure Datto cloud – without the need for additional tools.

Low Cost Of Entry

Ensure cost-effective data protection with ALTO 3. Annual contracts paid in monthly increments become operational expenses, not a major capital outlay.

Make sure ongoing costs are manageable, by acquiring a powerful technology solution for free with a minimum 1 year service contract.

The savings get even better when you extend the (relationship) to multiple years.


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