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Data storage and archiving solutions for businesses of all shapes and sizes

Your business’s data is growing daily; deciding how to deal with it has been a headache partly due to the costs and complexity of other data archiving products and online data storage.

Fortunately, we have identified partners in archiving who provide great answers.

The advantages of creating a strategy for archive storage go beyond solving the problem of what to do with data that is no longer required for daily operations and cluttering systems but may still be required for legal, compliance, or warranty.

Removing the data to a long term storage area that still gives easy access to documents and files and allows search makes business sense as it releases live storage for the documents you use daily, a real saving in cash and resources and potentially increasing efficiency.

If you have looked at online or offline data storage before and were intimidated by the complexity and pricing, or this is the first time you have looked at archive data, we have products and strategies developed with our customers to turn doubters into believers.

Tell me how to use data archiving to save money and make my systems more efficient.

Our business is security in IT, with users and data at the centre of our strategy.

Your business’s data lifecycle.

archive data lifecycle, document archives, document backups

Your business data lifecycle strategy is typically based on a model with several stages, from creating and actively using data to data archiving and deletion.

Live and Being Edited:

Generation: Data is created or captured through various means, such as transactions, user interactions, or data entry.

Collection: Relevant data is identified and collected for use.

Processing: The collected data is processed, organized, and prepared for analysis.

 Live but Used for Reference:

Storage: Data is stored in databases, file servers, or cloud services such as SharePoint and accessed as needed.

Management: Data is managed to ensure its quality, accessibility, backups and security.

 Not Required but Need to Be Kept for Compliance:

Archiving: Data that is no longer actively used but needs to be retained for compliance reasons should be moved to read-only data archives. These archived data, files, and documents are still accessible if required for legal, audit, or warranty purposes.

Our secure data archiving enables the long-term storage of inactive data with easy document retrieval should the data be required again.

End of Life Outside of Compliance and Should Be Deleted:

Destruction: When data is no longer needed for business operations or compliance, the process laid out in the data archiving strategy removes data from the data archives and ensures it is securely destroyed or deleted to protect sensitive information and manage storage costs.

These stages ensure that data is handled responsibly throughout its lifecycle, from initial creation to final deletion, in compliance with business needs and regulatory requirements.

You only pay for what you store and access it when you want.

Surveillance Cloud Archive Storage costs

surveilance technology needs high capacity storage medium for primary storage

One of those headaches modern businesses encounter is the need for surveillance systems and constantly expanding disk systems.

Enhance your video surveillance management capabilities by integrating our top-rated archiving bundle to protect your infrastructure investments.

Enjoy robust security measures, including comprehensive physical and data protection, identity and access management (IAM), multi-factor authentication (MFA), single sign-on (SSO), and encryption during transit and storage, ensuring unparalleled account security.

Store it all securely and affordably.

Cloud archiving empowers you to store more and do more with your data.

See how we can reduce customers’ costs by up to 60% less than comparable solutions. Unlike our competitors, we never charge for egress or API requests.

Data storage and data archiving: we say getting your archived data back should be free and easy.

Great Price

  • Up to 60% less than our cloud archiving competitors.
  • None of the fees for egress or API requests are free.

Exceptional Performance

performance is essential

  • Up to 100 Gbps direct connect speeds.
  • 99.9% system availability and 11x9s of durability.

Tamite Tips: The term “11x9s of durability” refers to reliability in cloud storage systems.

This means that the system is designed to ensure 99.999999999% durability, indicating a very low probability of data loss.

For example, if you store 1 million objects in such a system, you could expect to lose 1 file every 10 million years.

This high level of durability is vital in cloud backup and archived storage solutions to ensure data protection against loss or corruption.

The Protection you demand

compliance process,

  • SOC-2 and ISO 27001-certified data centers​
  • Server-side encryption, MFA/IAM​/SSO
  • Immutability and Multi-User Authentication

With network-attached archive storage in the cloud, you can extend the life of your on-premises storage, reduce costs, and never run out of space.

 Save Money

ongoing investment, save money

Is unused data driving up storage costs?

For example, 80% of data sits dormant a few months after it’s created, yet most businesses retain it anyway, alongside active data on expensive on-premises storage platforms.

This wastes storage capacity, time, and budget.


electronic archiving stored in the cloud, quicker backup and protect disk systems

Preserve expensive on-premises disk media capacity with Cloud NAS

Data archives free up file server space while keeping your data available within milliseconds through our fast, secure, efficient network-attached cloud storage.

primary storage is expensive, cloud can be readily accessible, data archiving software places archive data in the cloud

Archives can lower your total storage and related costs, such as backup.

Archive data to avoid hardware upgrades and the associated space, power, and human costs to maintain ever-expanding on-prem storage.

encrypted, privacy policy, data security, disaster recovery is simpler, backup is quicker

 Shorten backup and recovery times.

Dramatically shrink your backups for faster backup times and better RPOs and RTOs.

Get our Tamite guide to backup documents, including backup strategies and a free trial.

See our blog How archive can address low performance, improve speed of backups, save money

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