Companies that need assistance in defining and combating Data Protection issues will benefit from our Consultancy service.

Assisting clients create their own Data Breach Policy is a important element in what we do. Having the right policy and procedures for when Data Breach occurs can make all the difference in how your business is perceived by customers.

It is of course important the you prevent Data Breaches but if you cannot then it is vital that your brand image is protected to ensure its survival.

Cyber-crime is now firmly on the agenda of all businesses, having progressed from emerging threat to a threat that is faced every day. Cyber-crime has overtaken banking collapse and is regarded as the biggest existential threat posed to businesses. (Society of insurance actuaries).

Recent high profile events, such as those at TalkTalk PLC, where a data breach put the company into the headlines for all the wrong reasons, demonstrate that the issue costs real money, damages the share price, bottom line and reputation. TalkTalk’s own figures suggest the costs have already exceeded £35m without considering the undoubted long term reputational damage.

Tamite Secure.IT assist the customer by helping them define strategies that evolve to meet evolving data security threats.

Corporates are increasingly employing Data Security Officers to address the issue but at present a shortage of talent means they will need assistance with strategy and identification of products. Larger SMEs may not have in house IT, if they do they often lack the resources or know-how to take on the task of providing an all-encompassing strategy and assistance will be needed with execution of projects.

We cover every aspect of Data Protection Consultancy, from full business audits that define and implement business policies and protocols to projects addressing specific issues.

Issues that you might want to consider, include:

Network security
Website security
Cloud platform security
External/Internal threats


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