ConcealBrowse secure browser AI-Powered Detection and Prevention

Conceal Secure Browser

ConsealBrowse, whichever browser you prefer, make it a secure browser.

Online security is essential in today’s digital age; turn your browser into a secure browser, especially for workers who rely heavily on the Internet for their day-to-day operations.

However, traditional security training may not be enough to protect you from cyber threats like phishing and social engineering. While the Internet is necessary for productivity, it also introduces risks to your company’s cybersecurity posture. So, how can you balance providing a secure environment and enabling your team to access the Internet comfortably?

Today and tomorrow, AI-powered browser technology will be the driver behind your business, but increased reliance comes with increased risk.

Ask our AI-powered bot Bernerdette, about ConcealBrowse.

AI-Powered Secure Browser Security Detection and Prevention

Conceal’s AI-powered capabilities seamlessly identify emerging threats and proactively neutralize them, ensuring comprehensive protection in the ever-evolving cyber landscape.

Have you seen how Microsoft is developing Edge?

ConcealBrowse is the answer. It is a lightweight and versatile secure browser extension that is meticulously engineered to meet the needs of modern workers. It serves as your frontline defence, monitoring and detecting potentially harmful URLs to ensure your safety within your organization’s network. If a website is in doubt, ConcealBrowse uses its isolated and dynamic routing network to safeguard your identity and protect your organization’s network from potential threats.

Browser security is achieved by allowing Conceal to manage security at the Edge.

ConcealBrowse is compatible with popular browsers such as Edge, Chrome, Firefox, Opera, and Safari, regardless of whether you’re on a Mac, Windows PC, tablet, or mobile phone.

Increased Privacy
Individual user browsing history is not stored nor viewable,
with the exception of URLs that were considered risky
enough to block or isolate.

Simple Onboarding
The lightweight, secure browser extension comes
equipped with welcome emails with a knowledge base
resources and more information to help users get going
right away.

Seamless Experience
The ConcealBrowse plugin is fast and seamless for the end
user, allowing them to surf the web without any disruption
to their activity.

User Confidence
Minimize hesitation to click on legitimate links and
websites to help employees do their jobs with the
confidence that their safe browser tools are in place to help them
detect and respond to sophisticated social engineering

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ConcealBrowse secure browser AI-Powered Detection and Prevention

Here are the key benefits of ConcealBrowse for users:

1. Fortified Cyber Hygiene: ConcealBrowse secure browser equips users with proactive security tools, shielding them from sophisticated social engineering tactics that are becoming increasingly challenging to spot.
2. Enhanced Privacy: Users enjoy increased privacy through ConcealBrowse’s secure browsing features, safeguarding their personal information.
3. Seamless User Experience: With ConcealBrowse, users can confidently and seamlessly navigate the web while staying cyber-savvy.

Invest in ConcealBrowse secure browser to monitor and manage risks at the Edge of your digital workspace and empower your workforce to stay cyber-smart with confidence.

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