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Cloud Security & Cloud Application Visibility

Cloud Security is a hot topic, we have identified a number of products that will actively improve your Cloud Security, the Censornet USS Cloud Application suite is a cost effective means of gaining control and improving cloud security.

We should all be looking at the ways these services can enhance our businesses. Taking control of who uses these services is a headache that is a common anxiety shared by most businesses when faced with the myriad of Cloud applications our businesses have come to rely on Dropbox, Office 365, Salesforce, Facebook, LinkedIn etc.

The Censornet USS Cloud Application Security package will enable you to detect cloud application usage and activity to reveal which applications are being used from your network. Drill down into application activity by individual user, device, URL and action.

You can track files as they are moved between web applications and shared via email, social media, file sharing or other cloud applications, and an individual’s activities a cross different devices.

It is easy to get a view of all the cloud applications being used over your network, authorised and unauthorised, who is using them and what for, even looking into the content of suspicious or risky activity, enhancing your Cloud Security.

Cloud Security Application ServiceCloud Security Application Control

By downloading the CensorNet cloud link client to mobile devices or routing through the cloud gateway the use of cloud applications can be controlled.

Policies can be set at a granular level based on the individual  or role, the device being used, the network connected to, the function within the application and the location of the user.

That means that someone can have access to an application that includes sensitive data as view only when they are using a tablet in an airport, but are able to download or print the same information when using their laptop at their desk and connected to the corporate network.


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