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Data backup is vital as Government raise Ransomware to tier 1 threat

The UK Government has effectively raised the stakes for businesses that don’t adequately look after the multiple threats posed by Cyber Criminals; we recommend a layered approach that includes data backup to cover all your bases.

In early February, Foreign Secretary James Cleverly announced the NCA (National Crime Agency) crackdown on perpetrators of Ransomware, potentially affecting how businesses deal with Ransomware incidents.

UK Gov Elevates Ransomware to Highest threat status

The UK government have given Ransomware Tier 1 threat status, elevating it to the highest level and demonstrating government fears of the damage done to UK businesses and institutions.

Simultaneously the announcement of seven Russian nationals who have had assets frozen and travel bans imposed.

UK cracks down on ransomware actors – GOV.UK (

The reason for the elevation of Ransomware to tier 1 national security threat coincides with attacks against businesses and public sector organisations becoming increasingly common.

Recent victims include UK schools, local authorities and firms.

The new campaign of concerted action actively coordinated with the US; thus far, 149 British victims of Ransomware known as Conti and Ryuk have been identified by the National Crime Agency (NCA)

The threat according to the National Cyber Security Centre

NCSC Chief Executive Officer Lindy Cameron said:

“Ransomware is the most acute cyber threat facing the UK, and attacks by criminal groups show just how devastating its impact can be”.

“The NCSC is working with partners to bear down on ransomware attacks and those responsible, helping to prevent incidents and improve our collective resilience”.

“It is vital organisations take immediate steps to limit their risk by following the NCSC’s advice on how to put robust defences in place to protect their networks”.

Tamite Secure IT recommend layered security, including a robust approach to data backup

*What do the NCSC mean by robust defences? The most common approach is what is termed layered security and should include data backup.

Victims of ransomware attacks should use the UK government’s Cyber Incident Signposting Site as soon as possible after an attack.

The UK’s Office of Financial Sanctions Implementation (OFSI) is also publishing new public guidance that sets out these new sanctions’ implications in ransomware cases.

The individuals designated today are:

  • Vitaliy Kovalev
  • Valery Sedletski
  • Valentin Karyagin
  • Maksim Mikhailov
  • Dmitry Pleshevskiy
  • Mikhail Iskritskiy
  • Ivan Vakhromeyev

Paying the ransom could make you guilty of of breaching the sanctions

Making funds available to the individuals such as paying ransomware, including in crypto assets, is prohibited under these sanctions. Organisations should have or should put in place robust cyber security and incident management systems in place to prevent and manage serious cyber incidents.

The cost of a successful ransomware incident to your business far outweighs the costs of implementing a Data Security Strategy. Therefore, we often recommend Acronis Cyber Protect to our SME customers as part of the strategy.

Data Backup & Disaster recovery

The reason is simple, Acronis are known for its data backup capabilities and online backup pricing; however, we have been impressed by the Cyber security functions built into the product, including Ransomware Protection.