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Apple Mac support Haywards Heath for Apple Mac upgrades

Apple Mac Support Haywards Heath Love their Apples

Apple Mac Support Haywards HeathTamite Apple Mac Support Haywards Heath carry out a full range of servicing and repairs on Apple Mac products, Tamite in house Apple Mac guru Sohail says that; With the new financial year approaching many companies will be deciding on budgets for IT and deciding on the priorities for the coming year.

In reviewing the health of your IT systems you should look at the performance of your Apple Mac machines, it may be that they may have slowed down after a number of years of use. It can be the case that you can give them a new lease of life by carrying out a service, often they run like new after just an hours work.

Sohail has years of experience working on Apple Macs and is an accredited Apple Certified Support Professional bringing his expertise to Tamite IT Apple Mac Support Haywards Heath customers. I have been carrying out periodic full servicing for my customers for a number of years and would suggest carrying out a service every six to nine months.

At the same time you may wish to consider taking this opportunity for us to look at the specification of your Apple Mac. We have found that customers are surprised by the difference something even as simple as adding memory can make to the performance of a machine.

You have invested in Apple Mac hardware as you are aware that they are renowned for quality and durability. With proper care and making sure they are regularly updated with the latest patches and versions of IOS your Apple Mac will give you many years of efficient reliable service.

Because of the soundness of the design it is often a cost effective option to look at memory and other upgrades you will be amazed by the improvements that can be made. If your hard disk drive is beginning to show its age we suggest you consider a new Solid State Hard Drive. These drives really do give a big boost to your Apple Macs performance.

Freak Flaw Patched
Apple, Google & Microsoft have all been active in releasing patches to the Freak Flaw

The Freak Exploit can affect Safari Web Browsers

Sohail of Tamite Apple Mac support Haywards Heath advises customers. In addition don’t stick your head in the sand when it comes to the security of your system, Antivirus and Malware protection aren’t an optional extra, those updates to my Operating System are produced to protect against known exploits. A very good example of such an exploit is the recently patched Freak Vulnerability which could be used to facilitate a man in the middle attack (See BBC story) or the Tamite IT Apple Mac support Haywards Heath Blog post on the same subject to see how Man in The middle attacks are potentially used to amongst other things compromise your banking.

Also look at your Spam filtering solution, it should not only reduce the amount of mail you have to plough through every day to get to the ones you are really interested in, it should also filter out the infected and obviously dangerous stuff. Spam filtering is an often overlooked aspect of your over-all IT security strategy.

Tamite Apple Mac support Haywards Heath are specialist in bringing security to businesses at an affordable price.


I-Hack locks users out of iPhones

Users of iPhone and in some cases iPad are reporting that they are being locked out of their devices as a result of a new Ransom-ware scam that appears to have originated yesterday morning (27-05-2014) in Australia; victims are greeted with a message claiming to be from a group or individual identifying themselves as Oleg Pliss. A ransom of $100 is demanded to release the phone. It would appear that the scam is carried out by accessing a function in Apples iCloud called Find My iPhone (also available for iPad) the feature designed to discourage theft by letting users shut down their smartphone remotely has reportedly being compromised by hackers using it to hold mobiles to ransom.

The message displayed on iPhone  a demand for ransom to unlock the device
The message displayed on iPhone a demand for ransom to unlock the device


This is an example of how fraudsters are using legitimate services to commit cybercrime, it would appear that the scam is carried out using stolen login credentials to initially access the users iCloud account and then trigger functionality designed to protect the users iPhone/iPad in the event of theft. (A Hack circumvents a users security to gain access where-as Malware uses introduces code to a device to carry out similar ends).

Of course one doesn’t have to look to hard for where the stolen credentials may have originated as the recent data breaches at Ebay, Mums Net etc. will be providing a wealth of material for future criminal exploitation. The moral is clear, if you haven’t already reset your passwords do it now starting with iCloud.

As of this morning no official comment has been forthcoming from Apple.

Tamites next Security training seminar will take place in July

Professional AppleMac Support for Sussex and Surrey

The good news for Apple Mac users in Sussex and Surrey is that we are now able to support the full range of Apple Mac products.

Apple-Mac-services smallWe have been in the business of providing PC support to businesses in the Crawley, Haywards Heath, and Brighton area for the last 6 years but as we have recently taken on the services of our very own Apple Mac specialist, we will be actively looking for businesses that run a mixed environment.

So if your business depends on Apple Macs or you run a mixed environment we are your ideal support partner.

Sohail comes to Tamite with a wealth of experience in all things Apple Mac, Sohail says. “I enjoy the challenge of integrating Mac devices into the work place, in so many situations they are the ideal tool and businesses that have traditionally used PCs should not close their minds to the possibilities. There are real advantages that can be realised by adopting a mixture of PC and Mac and this is a situation in life where you can get the best of both Worlds. We also have the whole thing of the Bring Your Own Device debate which very often means the iPhone and the iPad, bringing these devices and connecting them to the network safely should be a considered decision and not just be allowed to happen, adhoc. With a little planning bringing them in will present minimal risks while maximising the possibilities of a whole new world of portable computing. While maintaining control of the integrity of your network is paramount it is not an insurmountable problem, especially in an environment that includes an OSX Server. With an OS X Server It’s become easier than ever to share folders, exchange files and access documents on a Mac, iPad or PC. SMB2 is the new, super-fast protocol for sharing files in OS X Server and as you would expect there are the increases security and improvements in Windows compatibility, to the extent that it supports Microsoft’s Active directory”. IT Security has always been a subject that Tamite regards as core to its’ business ethos, while Apple Mac products have an enviable reputation in this regard they are also not immune to the threats, we are confident in our ability to ensure a safe working environment is achieved whether your preference is PC or Mac or a mixture of both. OS X comes with file-sharing connection monitoring, now you can see who’s accessing your server, who’s connected and for how long.