Back Up and Disaster Recovery

Backup software is important, having reliable and comprehensive backups are amongst the most important considerations for both businesses and individuals, whether you run Windows PCs and Servers, a Mac environment or even Unix.

How confident are you in your present backup strategy?

Your Data is only safe if it is comprehensively backed up using the best backup software technology, Tamite Secure IT recommend Acronis.

Hard drives crash, corrupt and can be infected by viruses and ransomware.

Your backup software must be capable of first capturing your data across all your systems and in the event of a failure restoring it; quickly, efficiently, flawlessly.

Tamite Secure IT are experienced and knowledgeable, creating strategies and deploying backup solutions is a key service we provide.

Whether you want us to assist your IT team or deploy it for you. The key to a good backup strategy is to capture it all and to multiple locations and media.

The best backup software available as securing your data is vital not optional.

Acronis LogoA backup strategy can only be termed successful if you can demonstrably restore your data .

Testing your ability to recreate data sets and restore successfully is something you should do on a regular basis. Tamite Secure IT provide this as a service as part of our installation packages.

Your company data is amongst your most precious assets, Tamite Secure IT work with you to create a strategy to protect your information.

In even relatively small computer environments applications such as MS SQL, Office 365, CRM’s even payroll and accounting packages need to be protected.

Local backup or cloud backup? The answer these days is both.

backup software how it works Acronis
Acronis backup software an example of combined cloud & local backup strategy

Our customers often tell us that buying a backup software solution is like buying insurance.

The knowledge that it is there instils confidence that if the worst happens you can restore your data from the backup.

While we agree that this is important we would like to point out that properly configured backup software with a defined strategy will give you more.

As an example, how often have you suddenly realised you have deleted a document or made changes to a document and find you have over written valuable information, if you have a backup strategy that allows the creation of versions then you can restore the last version or even one from the last 6 months or even several years ago.

A combination of local and cloud backups is our preferred strategy, local backups are quick and convenient and allow you to create a truly resilient strategy.

Cloud backup means you can be secure in the knowledge that your data is also safely stored off-site.

Rest assured your Cloud Data is stored in Datacentres within Europe which means your backup complies with all the relevant legislation covering Data Security and Data Protection that your regulator insists on and your insurance company may stipulate to be within the terms of your Disaster Recovery cover.

 All Businesses need a Disaster Recovery plan

Data loss statistic. 50% of small businesses will suffer data loss. Almost 75% of companies who suffered catastrophic data loss will go out of business within 16 months.


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