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Tamite Secure IT Ltd

Too many businesses are suffering irreparable damage due to Cybercrime & Databreach

Since the Internet & everyday computing came into common usage for businesses in the 1990s, they have become a more important and influential to the way business is done, each and every year.

In fact it is now likely that your business is almost totally reliant on computing, for your banking, your accounts, customer and supplier information, communication the website and all the rest.

Immediate access to your documents on the move, messaging, being able to share documents and collaborate with colleagues in a very meaningful way are all benefits being reaped by businesses. As the Internet and computing have revolutionised the way we work. In many ways we are at the start a revolution as Cloud Computing will be a driver for the way we see our programs develop in the for-seeable future.

If you stop to think about it one of the things that we all now do wittingly or unwittingly is store information, on our every day contacts, customers, suppliers, potential customers, family and friends. If you doubt this just take a look at your contacts in Outlook, add to this accountancy packages and Customer Databases and the scale becomes obvious.

Too Few businesses have a strategy for dealing with Cyber Security

All this data is necessary, in fact it is the lifeblood of your business.

Your reliance on computers and technology have come at a price and that price is the ever present risk that Cybercrime poses to you and your business.

We will help you become one of the few

Unfortunately we live in an age where all these things are at risk. Let us help you to protect your systems and your data, we will assist in keeping you compliant with European Data Regulations and ultimately your reputation intact.

Team up with Tamite

We supply consultancy strategies and products to keep your business safe, your peace of mind, your reputation intact.

Gary Johnston – IT Product Director

Tamite Secure  IT are committed to providing excellence across a wide range of IT Security products and services to business. Our products and services are carefully chosen to represent exceptional value in terms of quality and price.

When we speak about IT Security we are really talking about the security of the data, we are all painfully aware that these days data theft is high on the agenda of criminals who are in the business of reselling information about individuals. We all have a duty of care to information that we hold on our customers, suppliers, prospects and employees.

Data Protection regulations give us a frame work which spells out our obligations, but to be truthful when we store information that can be used for example in identity theft we have a moral obligation to be diligent in how it is stored and how it is used.

Tamite Secure IT have been formed to help our customers fulfil your obligations, without detracting from day to day operations. Because together we can achieve your aspirations.

Gary combines a wide experience in IT, Telecoms & Data networking experience and with over 20 years in the industry having previously held positions at First Choice Holidays, Merryll Lynch and Telewest is able to use this expertise and experience to assist your company.

Gary is a specialist in data encryption and IT security. Despite all this he likes to think he is relatively normal and prefers the company of people to computers.

Richard Bristow – Sales Director

I have extensive knowledge and experience across the spectrum of the travel industry, including; Airlines, Tour Operators, Travel Agents (TMC and Leisure) to Hotels and Car Rental.

Twenty five years experience specialising in commercial aspects of ‘Technology’ in the Travel Trade; from running sales distribution teams to senior management of software application providers. The latter has included Open Source software development and web based applications and electronic distribution media.

Current focus; establishing improved data security standards in the travel sector.

Specialties: commercial understanding of the key role that ‘technology’ has within the industry, distribution, web browser applications, online video, GDS, Cloud Computing services for travel companies.

Paul Wilson – Senior Sales / Marketing

Has 10 years experience in sales and is responsible for identifying prospective customers and will probably be the first person you speak to at Tamite Secure IT. Paul enjoys working with people and has been a key member of the Tamite team for many years.


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