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Eset 2 Factor Authentification

The need for 2 Factor Authentication

The UK’s National Cyber Security Centre recommend businesses implement 2 Factor Authentication whenever it is available because passwords don’t afford us the levels of security necessary today.

Security experts advise us to create strong and complex passwords to protect our online accounts and data from savvy cybercriminals. “Complex” typically means using lowercase and uppercase characters, numbers and even special symbols. But complexity by itself can still only provide part of the answer.

ESET Two Factor Authentication for extra data protection against compromised passwords

  • Ultra strong, super simple. Easy one-tap installation on mobile phone or tablet
  • Two-factor authentication, using one-time passwords (2FA OTP). Prevents security breaches by validating identities
  • They are designed for a mobile world. No extra hardware – keeps costs low and users happy.
  • Compliance with confidence. Helps businesses comply with industry regulations such as PCI-DSS/HIPAA
  • They are designed with business productivity in mind. In addition, our flexible integration options offer 2FA wherever identities or transactions need protecting.

2 factor Authentication SchematicSecure Verification + Strong Passwords = Better Security

On average, how often do you enter your password to a website or log into an application?

We may then log on to Sage, a CRM or any of the business systems we have in place.

Then theirs a couple of social media accounts, your login to the gym booking system, Sky Sports, the bank, the doctors, the list is endless.

The problem we all face is that if we use passwords that aren’t very good at creating them and used on their own, they aren’t enough to secure our accounts from cybercriminals.

The fact is that most types of passwords require less time to crack than they did just two years ago. For example, a 7-character password with letters, numbers and symbols would have taken 7 minutes to crack in 2020 but now requires just 31 seconds in 2022.

In addition to using very secure passwords, I would suggest using a password manager to help you with this (Keeper Password Manager is my favourite), which is to adopt 2FA wherever possible.

Adopting Two Factor Authentication wherever possible is also the recommendation of the UK National Cyber Security Centre; they also recommend that  Companies include a requirement for 2FA from their external suppliers & services.

“As long as passwords are used for authentication, there will always be a chance that users and administrators will choose machine-guessable passwords and be susceptible to social engineering”. (NCSC).

2 Factor Authentication provides a second layer of security to protect us from cyber-attacks.

“A recent survey concluded that most people have more than 100 services requiring passwords”.

The benefits of ESET Secure Authentication

ESET Secure Authentication secures access to your company network and data – in a hassle-free way. A powerful mobile-based solution relies on two-factor verification, using one-time passwords (2FA OTP). The OTPs it uses are randomly generated, so they can’t be predicted or reused.

Use ESET Secure Verification to protect:

  • Access to your company’s VPN
  • Remote Desktop Protocol
  • Additional authentication for desktop login (signing into an operating system)
  • Web/cloud services via Microsoft ADFS 3.0, such as Office 365
  • Microsoft Web Apps, such as OWA
  • Exchange Control Panel 2010 & Exchange Administrator Center 2013
  • VMware Horizon View
  • RADIUS-based services

Easy integration with your RADIUS-based services or via an API to your existing Active Directory-based authentication. Non Active Directory customers with custom systems can use the easy-to-deploy SDK.


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